Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coach's Corner: "BT The Booker Strikes Again!!" by Brian Tramel

----Below are the results from the CWA Ripley, MS show from this past Saturday night. I have heard reviews from fans and workers. I have been told that the show was really below par for this area. [It was in Mississippi guys – what do you expect?? Sorry I could not resist!!] I have tried my best to be positive on wrestling in this area [more so this year than ever before], but at times you really have to ask yourself why?? Why not focus on the “legends” in roles that they will not be exposed in [like Dutch Mantell]?? Why if you are 90 lb midget promoter, do you put yourself in the main event?? Also remember this group had close to 1000 fans last time in Ripley, so that is at the least a 35% drop. As I stated in an earlier post, you can’t bring legends in time after time and expect them to draw, when they are exposed as old guys.

----You can CLICK HERE to read a full write up by Randall Lewis. His report seems a bit “glossed” over, but give him his due – he likes what he likes. I am posting the results below along with comments that I heard about those matches. I am then [since I can hear someone saying, “Since you know so much about wrestling what would you have done?”], I am posting the card that I would presented with the whole roster [since every promoter has his own "crew" he likes to use] by just adding one worker.

-Don Bass with Jim Casey beat Chris Kilgore. Good opener. Not bad for what it was.

-Su Yung beat Destiny. Match was real bad. Destiny messed up almost everything in the match.

-Johnny Morton/Chris Lexxus with Dutch Mantell beat Michael Gilbert/Mark Anthony. Second best bout on the show.

-Gary Valiant beat Jeff Daniels. Best bout on the show.

-Ricky Morton over Max Steel. Morton looked good.

-Rodney Grimes/Jerry Lawler with Jackie Fargo beat Bobby Eaton/Don Bass with Jimmy Blaylock, Su Yung, Jim Casey, Papa Smurf, the three wise men and Moses. Horrible match. Grimes is just not believable. Not one person involved in this bout [maybe Grimes] thought this bout was good.

BT’s version of the CWA show

-Don Bass with Jim Casey beat Chris Kilgore

-Su Yung vs Destiny [Make the match simple to put over Yung with maybe Blaylock interfering.]

-Dutch Mantell/Chris Lexxus over Mark Anthony/Michael Gilbert [protect Mantell for just the hot tag]

-Gary Valiant over Jeff Daniels. [It was considered the best bout by everyone I talked with – not going to mess with that one.]

-“Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson over Ricky & Johnny Morton. [Or you could put the Mortons over and then leave them lying to set up something for possible match next time. You can say what you want about me adding the “Gold” team, but they come off as stars and you have the Eaton vs Morton feud to build off of. ]

-Jerry Lawler with Rodney Grimes/Jackie Fargo beat Max Steel with Jimmy Blaylock/Su Yung. [I would actually only put Fargo out there with Lawler and Blaylock with Steel, but since Grimes wants to be involved, why not put him in a manager role?? After seeing their version of the main event – what would make you want to return?? After Lawler beat Steel, then he could get a hold of Blaylock/Yung. Blaylock could have then promised to bring someone bigger and badder against Lawler the next show. There you have something for them to come back and see – the old Lawler/Hart gimmick, but fans would leave knowing Blaylock is going to try to get his revenge. Or you could even do an angle where you turn Valiant to have a Lawler/Valaint.]