Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coach's Corner: "I Watched More Than 60 Seconds of RCW TV" By Brian Tramel

---I have been fortunate enough to be able to join RCW for two of their TV tapings and recently sit down to watch all of the TV shows that have aired up to this point. Is the show good?? reminds me of old TV show that use to air [ a lot like Continental] and it features some of the best local talent in the area. If you have not had the chance to watch the show, then take a few minutes out [30 to be exact] every week to sit down and enjoy a really fun wrestling TV show. I have seen a few mistakes and will make note of them below, but this is minor stuff. The quality of the show is better than anything that aired so far this year [I had to quit IWA after the infamous “music” show]. As I have seen on various web sites before, this is my opinion and mine alone, but it is coming from a guy that sit down and watched all the shows, not from someone that tried to form an opinion by watching just “60 seconds.”

[NOTE: Hit the RED words and go directly to the matches/angles mentioned]


-Seth Knight has been a total trooper for this show. His three TV bouts have been some of the best TV bouts in a while. First against Christian Jacobs, then a great match against Justin Smart and then a good interview followed by him putting over Rodney Mack like a million bucks. Smart has also improved tons working for NEW in a TV setting and really shined in that bout.

-Bobby Eaton is put in the perfect position here – whether he is teaming with Greg Anthony or receiving the key to the city, this is the kind of role you would want a “legend” to have.

-Matt Riviera is a star. The viginette that aired along with his angle against Ron Rage – all top notch. His interview with the dog food – “Bacon!! Bacon!!” was just so bizarre and funny – it was off the charts. That interview would have been something that in the 1980s all my friends and I would have went around school yelling “Bacon!! Bacon!!” at each other.

-Casino Kid is in the perfect role here also. Not too much wrestling – a lot of talking.

-“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony is one of the best talker..or maybe THE best talker in the area. Great skills.

-Brian Thompson takes the time to get over all the angles. Rodney Mack walks out and Thompson puts him over like a true star. Thompson also [even though he is trying to get over SO MUCH is happening] doesn’t give you too much to digest.

-“Premiere Brutality” [Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels] looked really good as a team. Please give Kid more mic time!! His stuff is so fun!!

-Check out the intensity of Rodney Mack!! He comes off with just an edge above the pack. Just think – Mack, Riviera and Worthington as a heel trio??

-The build for a Jon Michael Worthington vs Christian Jacobs RCW Title Tournament Final – could there be a better final??


-The mic needed to be plugged to the camera for the Casino/TGB angle. Hard to hear everything.

-You could see the top of the backdrop on some of the interviews.

-Thompson cut himself off before one of matches.

-Rivera and Worthington have almost the same gimmick, but that will probably put them together.

-You could see empty chairs.

-Thompson talked about speaking with Ron Rage before the match, but they should have aired an actually interview with him.

-Two camera video shoot!!

----I was being a bit picky on some of my BAD comments, but it is just a few things that would then make this from being a good TV show to a GREAT TV show. If you are a wrestling fan in this area, do yourself a favor – search the archives or go to and check out all the shows up to this point.