Wednesday, April 07, 2010


----Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Dan Matthews and Kevin Charles are gone from ASWF.  The reason given “officially” is they are citing a disagreement with the office. I am hearing “off the record” of it being money problems and also it will soon become a conflict of interest.  NEW staff will be pushed RIGHT on upcoming RCW shows [including TV].  This might be the first move of “drawing a line in the sand” of who works for whom between ASWF/RCW.
----A few things to look at and wonder also.  Where will Mike Anthony end up?? Will he stay with both promotions or only NEW?? What will also this mean to Casino Kid, who works for both promotions??   Austin Lane , who has been featured as a major player in NEW, will he still work for NEW??  RCW adding some of the NEW names will easily make it the best roster in this area EVER during the RRO era.  The weak link of the whole crew would be Dan Matthews.  Matthews is the top candidate for Rookie of the Year this year and had a better match with Alan Steele on RCW TV than 75% of the ASWF show. That just shows you depth and strength of the RCW crew. 
----Time will only tell whether a group like RCW, just doing the simple things like using the best talent, advertising and putting on quality shows can draw. This group has everything going for it; hopefully it can be successful at the gate.