Sunday, April 11, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Augusta, AR 4.10.10

This is ASWF's first road show in a while and what an explosive one it was.

1st match- Cody Murdoch vs. Casino- Murdoch was accompanied to the ring by his CM2 partner, Cason McClain. This match started off with alot of Casino countering every move Murdoch tried. This worked well for Casino until McClain started distracting Casino by trying to interfere in the match. Casino tried to come back, but the odds were stacked against him and in the end, with Cason's interference, Murdoch would take the victory.
Winner: Cody Murdoch

2nd match- Cason McClain vs. Austin Lane- In this contest, Murdoch returned the favor to McClain by coming out and distracting the ASWF Heavyweight Champion. At one point it looked as if Austin Lane had it under control and was gonna beat the odds and pull out the victory, but in the end, the numbers game won out and McClain scored a pinfall over the Champ.
Winner: Cason McClain

After this match both members of CM2 were set to launch an attack on Austin Lane and Casino came out from the back to make the save. Austin and Casino then issued a challenge to CM2 for a pinfalls count anywhere title match for later on that night. CM2 accepted the challenge, but stated they would just give them a match; they never accepted it being a title match.

3rd match- CCR vs. X-Kaliber/Morgan Williams- This bout was the return of The American Degenerates and started out with several good moves from both teams. It didn't remain a wrestling match for long though, because CCR obviously came looking for a fight. This match erupted and spilled outside the ring where the referee had no choice but to call the match a No Contest via Double Count Out. Just when it looked to be all over, X-Caliber said he didn't come here for a no contest and he was sure the fans wanted to see more action, and he got the crowd to chant 5 more minutes and so the bell was rung to give them their 5 more minutes. This started out with The American Degenerates in control, but they were quickly overpowered by CCR and with a minute and a half to go, CCR got the pin.
Winner: CCR

4th Match-'Hot Rod' John Ellison vs. Dante Cain- This contest was almost completely dominated by Dante Cain. With this new attitude that he has developed over the last few weeks, he has also developed a mean streak and 'Hot Rod' was on the receiving end of everything Cain had to dish out on this night. Cain got the pin.
Winner: Dante Cain

5th match- Johnny Hawk vs. Christopher Lee- Christopher Lee was in complete control in the opening minutes of this contest and it looked like this would be an easy night for the X-Division Champ. Things changed quickly as Hawk took to the outside of the ring and pulled a foreign object out of his boot. Hawk took advantage of the situation when Lee came outside the ring and jabbed The Renegade Superstar in the throat on a few occasions. As Hawk rolled Lee into the ring, it was obvious that Lee couldn't breathe well, and Hawk quickly got the pin.
Winner: Johnny Hawk

Main Event- CM2 w/Athena vs. Austin Lane/Casino- This match started out with Austin and Casino trying to get CM2 to come outside the ring and start the match. CM2 wanted no part of that. After a few minutes they finally got started in the ring, and this battle was back and forth with no one having the upper hand until they took it outside the ring. Casino had a chair working over Murdoch and Austin and McClain were all over the place. At one point McClain was even put on a dolly and pushed out of the building. This match was EXPLOSIVE! Athena tried to help her guys and she got SPANKED for her troubles. In the end, Austin and Casino got the win and was celebrating their victory with the tag team belts that they thought they had won. CM2 then reminded them that they had said they would give them a match, but never said they would put the titles on the line. Austin and Casino laid the titles in the middle of the ring and told CM2 if they wanted the titles, come get them. CM2 thought better of the situation and pushed Athena in to get them. As Athena was trying to get out of there, CM2 got their titles from her and then left her to the wolves where she was given a massive wedgie and almost another spanking for her time.
Winner: Austin Lane/ Casino

Be watching for the announcement of the next exciting ASWF road show coming soon to an arena near you!

----I was told 70 people in attendance, so if that would be 20 more than the last RCW show. A lower ticket price though, so the gate was less.