Sunday, April 18, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.17.10

1st--Enforcer vs. Dante Cain "Strap Match"--The Enforcer got his revenge this week from being strapped by the MMA specialist. The crowd surrounded the ring with straps and whipped Dante any time he touched the ground. The Enforcer put Dante to sleep with the Cobra Clutch to win the match. After the match the Enforcer used duct tape to tape Dante to the ropes and strapped him again and again and again.

2nd--Mike Anthony vs. Seth Sabor vs. Christopher Lee (X-Division Championship)--High octane match. High flying moves to creative counters. Each competitor showed why the wanted to win the X-Divsion championship and why they deserved it. After such a competitive match it was a disappointment to see Mike Anthony hit Christopher Lee with the title belt and win in such a cheap way.

3rd--Hot Rod John Ellison vs. Lee Michaels (European Championship)--Lee Michaels had a strong outing against the ASWF original, but the veteran is crafty and took over on Lee. Michaels 18 week undefeated streak was ended tonight by the New European Champion, John Ellison.

4th--Kevin White vs. Rick Rage--Rage returns to ASWF at the 11 year anniversary show but unfortunately he came up short against Kevin White.

5th--CM2 vs. The American Degenerates (Tag Team Championship)--The champions have beat everyone coming into this match. There isn't a tag team in this area that has escaped their wrath. Tonight it looked like the champions would win again after a brutal beat down on Morgan Williams by Murdoch and McClain, but the reformed American Degenerates got an upset win when X-Kaliber hit a high crossbody off the top rope on Cason McClain.

6th--Johnny Hawk vs. "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant (Battle of the Legends)--The Boogie Boy played hard and his antics got under the skin of the Best Thing to come over the Border. The more Valiant played and made light of Hawk the madder the Mexicano got. He took it to Valiant in a brutal beat down but in the end Valiant won with the Boogie Blaster.

7th--CCR vs. Casino/"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher--The match was made if CCR lost Demon X would lose his mask but if Casino or Christopher lost the one who was pinned would have to leave town. The match spilled to the floor and the four fought all over the arena. The Grand Master of Sexiness hit a leg drop from the top rope on Demon X but the refree was indisposed on the outside. Wild Bill slid in and hit Christopher with a chain and rolled Demon X on top for the 3 count.

8th--"The New Show" Jerry Lynn vs. "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane (ASWF Championship)--This match was built as Austin Lane's greatest moment or his final stand at ASWF. If he lost he would never return to ASWF. Back and forth match which may be known as Austin Lane's greatest title defense. After such a great match the crowd grew into an uproar when "The No Tan Superman" Cason McClain made his way to ringside. The distraction wouldn't work as Austin Lane hit his finishing move the Spear and pinned the man he has never beat 1-2-3!

----350+ in the building...Ricky Morton told everyone at the CWA show on Friday night that he was not confirmed for this show, so he was not here...Funny to see Brian C losing to Demon X...I was told that Lynn vs Lane was really good.