Sunday, April 25, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.24.10

Show Opened with Commissioner Ricky Rowland addressing the ASWF Tag Title Controversy and calling out the American Degenerates and CM2. Just before Rowland made his decision, "Big Money" Frank Martin debuted and announced that he was the new Commissioner of ASWF. Martin gave the tag titles to CM2 and proceeded to fire Ricky Rowland. Majority owner Betty Butler came out and announced that Terrence Ward was the new Co-Commissioner. Ward announced that CM2 will defend the titles next week against American Degenerates.

First match: Mike Titan debuted and defeated Demon X via DQ when Wild Bill interfered. ASWF Champion Austin Lane saved Titan and challenged CCR for a tag match later.

Second Match: Enforcer defeated Lee Michaels via a heartpunch and pinfall.
X Division Champion Mike Anthony came out and declared himself the greatest X Division Champion of all time. Former Champion Christopher Lee came out to challenge for the title, but Mike Anthony left the ring. Terrence Ward came out to make a #1 Contenders Match between Seth Sabor and Christopher Lee. Frank Martin came out and appointed Mike Anthony as the guest referee.

Third Match: "Big Rig" Cody Murdoch defeated X Kaliber after a hard fought match. X-Kaliber hit some quick moves utilizing he martial arts background, but Murdoch's smash mouth style was too much, especially with Athena Eclipse in his corner. Murdoch hits the flat bed for the 1-2-3.

Fourth Match: #1 Contenders Match: Seth Sabor and Christopher Lee was thrown out when they put their hands on the special referee Mike Anthony. Anthony claims that since neither man won the match he would not defend the X-Division next week. Christopher Lee then said that his contract says he gets an automatic rematch anyways and he would cash it next week against "The Machine" Mike Anthony.

Fifth Match: Cason McClain defeated Morgan Williams via "Hit Stick." Fast paced match and was one of the best tonight. Athena stuck her nose in this match also and body slammed Morgan on the outside of the match. The Hit Stick is proving to be one of the most devastating finishing moves in the history of wrestling.

Sixth Match: CCR(Demon X & Wild Bill) defeated Mike Titan and Austin Lane when Demon X hit Mike Titan repeatedly with a steel chain. Afterwards Memphis Legend "Ebony Idol" Reggie Montgomery attacked Austin Lane. Montgomery stated that he has been searching for Lane and since he began the career of Lane. He would end it.

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----I was surprised to see Terrance Ward return...I loved the angle with Reggie Montgomery angle!!  That angle actually MEANS something.  Reggie has always been a good hand...I would have used Frank Martin as a heel manager to get ONE guy or team over.  Frank is good at getting over angles and such though...Enforcer is using the HEARTPUNCH!!  I love that!!