Saturday, April 10, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 4.03.10

Show starts off with National Anthem..Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcome everyone out to the DCW Arena..and the show starts off with some DCW Diva action!!

Match 1: Angelina vs Lovely Latricia
-match went back and forth for a while..Latricia is really starting to understand the fundamentals of wrestling and looks better everytime she wrestles..Angelina really took control of the match and things got out of hand..Angelina choked Latricia out in the corner and received a DQ..winner via DQ Lovely Latricia!!

Match 2: Ron McClarity vs Ross
-match was mostly dominated by McClarity!! Ron cut a promo pre-match talking about how no one had seen Tejano tonite and he wouldnt be here to wrestle so they brought out Ross...Ron really pushes this kid in the ring and makes him look great..then Tejano comes out right when McClarity is about to win and beats on both Ross and Ron McClarity..match is declared NO Contest!!

Match 3: JD Kerry vs Jon Allen
-def match of the night..these two worked amazingly in the ring together and never slowed down for a second!! Both men used awesome moves on each other and even somethings i have never seen done in a ring before..each guy had his share of high flying moves, great technical drop kicks and clotheslines from both men, and both worked the mat well together, but in the end JD Kerry comes out victorious..winner via pinfall JD Kerry...Kerry then does a an interview and says that he is the one of the top guys in the area and is tired of being disrespected, and he wants to know why everyone is not giving him respect!


Southside comes out and tells everyone that Poker is finished tonite and he will become the NEW DCW Heaveyweight Champion..Poker comes out to say no BOY, you wont!!

Rick Ruby vs Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique
-match wasnt bad, you can tell Rick is still recovering from his injury to his knee! But match was over from the word go..Tejano really dominated most of the match and using a Randy Orton approach to disecting his knee the end Tejano gets a little too greedy and misses a leg drop from the top and Rick rolled him up for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Rick Ruby

Match 5: Sweet Daddy Jones vs Rodney Mack
-once again not bigger heat than Rodney Mack when he comes out..match was powerful and technical again just like before, these two really work well in the ring together! Match was back and forth the entire way through..then Sweet Daddy dodges a spear and Mack hits a chair set up in the corner and tries to pin Rodney Mack and gets the 1-2-3..or does he? Ref Tim Daniels says Rodney Mack's foot was under the ropes but Sweet Daddy is celebrating the win in the other corner, then Rodney Mack hits Sweet Daddy with a spear when he turns around..winner via pinfall Rodney Mack!!

Main Event: Southside vs Poker for the DCW Heavyweight Championship
-match was really good..and i know that i already gave match of the night honors to JD Kerry and Jon Allen but this match was equal to it, so we are going to have to give a co-match of the night! This match should have def been on tv somewhere, because even before the match began they wrestle outside the arena, in the crowd, in the bathroom, and in the concession stand before the bell even sounded! OMG it was one of the best matched I have ever seen just for the non stop the end Poker goes for the Straight Flush but Southside reverses and hits the super kick for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall and NEW DCW CHAMPION...SOUTHSIDE!!

After the match Southside is celebrating and then Rodney Mack comes out with this new stable of PokerFace, Rodney Mack, Angelina, and JD Kerry...then Mr Pimptacular comes out with a sign to help Southside chase everyone out of the ring, then Pimp hits Southside with the sign and tells him he should have seen this coming...everyone stands over Southside and they put the DCW Title over him and Southsides new music now the stable/army has grown!!

Biggest Pop: Rick Ruby for winning
Biggest Heat: Rodney Mack/Tejano Kid/Mr Pimptacular

Crowd was about 120 tonite..not bad and a great card from start to finish! This new stable/faction/army is really over and is going to be very interesting to see where this goes!!

Credit: JP Perryman and DCW