Thursday, April 15, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 4.10.10

Show start off with National Anthem like every week with Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcoming everyone to the DCW Dogg starts off quick with the new stable in pro wrestling coming out: Poker Face, Rodney Mack, and Mr Pimptacular...All three men come out to a police siren and all three men look cocky and arrogant! They all three talk about being in complete control in DCW and no one can stop them even new DCW Heavyweight Champion Southside Brawler....All three men leave the ring and Poker Face says he is going to envoke his re-match clause tonite...

Match 1: Ross vs. Andrew
-Ross basically dominates the new DCW Trainee Andrew...winner via pinfall Ross!

Match 2: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Rick Ruby (TK's Hair is on the line)
-Is anyone more over as a heel than TK in this are...? The answer is NOOOOO...he comes out to major HEAT and Ruby comes out to a major POP...match goes back and forth with Tejano really starting to take control and focus on Ruby's hurt knee..It is honestly amazing to even see Ruby in the ring b/c I have had a few knee problems and they are not fun to preform on...Tejano has control of the match but Ruby somehow rolls Tejano up for the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall Rick Ruby and the crowd goes CRAZY!! Ruby tries to get Tejano back in the ring and Tejano finally comes into the ring as security escorts Dominique while Tejano gets in the ring and gets on his knees to get ready for Ruby to cut his hair with scissors..Right when Ruby gets ready to cut his hair, Tejano gives Ruby a low blow..then Tejano starts to beat on Ruby then Ron Rage comes out to help him out..then Ron Rage tells Tejano on his one good leg next week, he will beat his ass!!

Match 3: JD Kerry vs Jon Allen
-man these two can def go in the ring together...def a candidate for match of the night if not a lock pick for the award! Both men went back and forth with move after move...these guys are as quick as they come in the business...Allen goes to DDT Kerry but Kerry holds onto the ropes and uses the ropes to get the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall and the ropes JD Kerry!


Match 4: Mr Pimptacular vs Ron McClarity
-these two worked well together even though Ive only seen them in the ring a few times together and the first time as singles...match went smooth with great technical dropkicks from McClarity and nice power moves from Mr Pimptacular...but in the end the "NEW" Pimp uses shady ways of trying to win and ref Tim Daniels catches him..winner via DQ Ron McClarity

Match 5: Genesis & Chase Stevens (Former TNA Superstar and TNA Tag Champion) vs. The Gorillaz
-man was this a surpise to see the "Natural" Chase Stevens in the house with a returning Genesis to the DCW these two looked sooooo SICK together! Im going to already call this, this could be the NEW Dominant Tag Team in Pro-Wrestling if they stay together..They have the look and the abilities to go a long way..someone should def tell Vince, there is a new tag team on the market and to watch out..They def worked an amazing match with these two monster men, the Gorillaz! Match went back and forth with Stevens and Genesis using great technical wrestling moves to counter the agile and power moves the Gorillaz the end Genesis and Stevens were too much for the Gorillaz..winner via Pinfall Genesis and Chase Stevens!!

Match 6: Jazz vs Luscious w/Angelina
-is there anything better than watching Jazz wrestle? I do not think so..she is so fluid in the ring and would def make TNA and WWE Diva division look 1,000% this was an amazing match! These two women can really work well in the ring together and not to forget Luscious! Man she can really work a match well and when you have the likes of Jazz in the ring with you, something special will more than likely happen...match ended up a No Contest b/c Luscious ended up leaving Angelina to catch a beating from Jazz after she grabbed Jazz's foot during the match....

Main Event: Poker Face vs Southside (for the DCW Heavyweight Championship)
-these two can def earn frequent walking miles during a match b/c they once again wrestled all over the building, outside, and in the ring! These two can def work great matches together and Poker Face is one of my favorite guys to watch wrestle b/c of how professional he is..and do not forget how amazing Southside is in the ring! Man this guy can get a crowd into it, and hits a super kick better the when you add all of this up, you get GREAT match went back and forth until Mr Pimptacular tries to come out and help Poker Face but it backfires and almost hits Poker, but Southside hit Poker and gets the 1-2-3....winner and STILL DCW Heavyweight Champion Southside Brawler!!

Crowd was around 115..card was amazing from top to bottom! Def a suprise to see Chase Stevens in the DCW Arena tonite and was really cool hanging with him after the show..the guy is really cool guy and also great to have Genesis back in the DCW serious when i say this, ive seen a ton of tag teams come and ago but...Stevens and Genesis could really be special!!

Biggest Pop: Rick Ruby after beating Tejano
Biggest Heat: Tejano Kid when he its the ropes

Credit: Jeff Perryman & DCW