Thursday, April 22, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 4.17.10

Show starts off with National Anthem like always with Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcoming everyone to another exciting night of DCW Action in the Dogg House..then Rick Ruby comes out with clippers wanting to know why he didn't get to cut Tejano Kid's hair last week..Ruby looks up to Jeff Perryman and asks him why hasn't anything been done about what happened? Perryman tells Ruby that it is wrong, with what happened, and hopefully everything will work out and Rick Ruby says that isn't good enough!! Rick says Jeff, you know a lot of people in the business and know how things work, can you find out what is going on and who is going to give me satisfaction because this is b/s...Perryman tells Ruby that he will make some phone calls to the DCW Board and see what he can do and Ruby says that is fine with him and Ruby goes back to the dressing room....

Match 1: Ross vs Ron McClarity
-most people would get sick of seeing this match over and over, but I can tell you what these two do work well together! Ross is yound and inexperienced in the ring and McClarity is the "wiley veteran" who can still bring it at 110%..Ross has really grown in the ring these past few months and can really work and maintain a match! McClarity is great as always with his psychology and his great technical wrestling ability!! Match was great, back and forth...McClarity finally gets Ross in his new submission hold he has been perfecting of late...almost a arm bar/kamura type move, and McClarity gets the win...winner via Submission Ron McClarity

Match 2: JD Kerry vs Jon Allen (Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match)
-absolutely amazing...match was phenominal from start to finish! These two work just as good in the ring together as anyone is this area...1st Fall takes a while to happen, both men use very quick arsenal of moves and the match goes back and forth...finally JD Kerry scores the first fall via pinfall!!

Kerry 1 Allen 0

Second fall starts of quick with both men doing some quick arm drags and dropkicks...both guys start turning up the tempo with quick mover after quick move...with Jon Allen using some moves I have never seen before (and that is saying something)!! Finally Allen rolls Kerry up for the 1-2-3..winner of the 2nd fall is Jon Allen...

Kerry 1 Allen 1

Third fall starts off a little slower..both men are feeling each other out and they had been wrestling for about 30 minutes up to this point...then they pick up the pace with Allen hitting a few arm tackles and a sunset flip and almost winning but Kerry kicks out at the last second..then Kerry regains control of the match with a rake of the eyes and Kerry shoots Allen into the rope and hits him with a beautiful drop kick, then after Allen bounces back, Kerry rolls up Allen using the tights for th 1-2-3...winner of the match via
pinfall JD Kerry!!

Kerry 2 Allen 1

Match 3: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Ron Rage
-absolutely over when both men's music hits...people hate Tejano sooo much and everyone loves Ron "by God" Rage...this match was easy, they had the crowd for the sound of the bell! Match went back and forth but Tejano using Rage's injured leg against him..Tejano really worked that leg over until Rage finally snapped and took the medical boot off and beat Tejano with it within an inch of his life...Rage hit him soo much I don't think Tejano will ever want to see a medical boot again..winner via DQ Tejano Kid! After the match Tejano sneaks back into the ring and hits Rage in the back of the head! Then Tejano handcuffs Rage to the rope but Ron McClarity comes out with a chair and challeges Tejano to a match next week..Ron Rage and Ron McClarity vs Tejano Kid and whoever he wants to get be his partner!


Match 4: the Gorilla vs Southside Brawler (for the DCW Heavyweight Championship)
-really good the big guy (the Gorilla) is really coming along in the ring! He is def starting to understand this business and how to work...Southside was great as always and came out to a big pop as the DCW Champ..match went back and forth with Southside gaining the upperhand and hitting the big super-kick...winner via pinfall Southside Brawler and still DCW Champion!

Main Event: #1 Contender's Battle Royal
-Southside joined Jeff and Casey in the booth for the match and Ron McClarity and Ross come out to start the match...they go back and forth until Jon Allen comes out to beat up on Ross...Ron McClarity decides to sit back and relax while Allen works over Ross..then Kerry comes out and starts to beat on Allen so McClarity starts to help out Allen..then Tejano comes out to HUGE HEAT, and after a few minutes Ron Rage comes out...both men work over each other and then Ross gets elliminated and then Rick Ruby comes out to beat on Tejano..Then Tejano gets elliminated and Ron Rage, Rick Ruby, and Ron McClarity elliminate themselves to chase after they leave Jon Allen in the ring with JD Kerry! These two basically have another match before both men almost go over the top rope with JD Kerry's feet almost touching the floor but he gets back into the ring and then he elliminates Allen..winner and NEW #1 Contender for the DCW Heavyweight Championship JD Kerry

Southide then looks down at Kerry and holds the belt up...crowd was into the show from start to finish!! Crowd was about 75..card was good from top to bottom!

Biggest Pop: Rick Ruby and Jeff Perryman
Biggest Heat: Tejano Kid

Credit: JP Perryman & DCW