Monday, April 19, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 4.17.10

The Beginning of the show started out with the "Child like Star" Commissioner Dylan talking to the crowd getting the ready for the show. Then, Dustin Baker comes out w/ V man. Dustin takes the microphone away from Dylan and tells him to leave the ring. As Dustin is explaining to the people that he was the culprit behind everything with all the hostile take overs from different people, Dylan kept tugging on his shirt. Dylan finally got his last words in by telling the people, and Dustin, that he doesn't like cheaters and that he is going to put two cheaters in a match. The match would be Chris Lexx vs Tommy Redneck. Then Dylan handed the mic back to Dustin and left the ring. Dustin and V man stood in the ring astonished by the child standing his ground and reinforcing his power to keep his match made for the evening.

Ravishing Biscuit vs Precious
Precious wins

Chris Lexx vs Tommy Redneck
Double DQ - no winner declared

"Tatt2" comes out for an interview. Rude comes in to attack him from behind, then the REAL Tatt2 comes out from the back and chases Rude out of the ring. Tatt2 makes a statement saying that he purposely set that up because he knew Rude would try to interfere with his match. Tatt2 then continues to say that Rude's actual opponent will be Dynamite Seth Knight.

Rude vs Seth knight
Knight whens by count out

Tag Team Match
Officer Hudson & V man w/ Dustin Baker vs Devil's Rejects
Devil's Rejects win. Officer Hudson took the pin fall. V man and Dustin get in the ring and scold Officer Hudson for losing then Dustin proceeded to set an example and had V man punish Hudson with two massive choke slams.

Tag Team Match
Tucker & Randy vs Bishop & Motley
Bishop and Motley win

----Not sure who the "fake" Tatt2 was and how they fooled the crowd unless he was under a mask?..."Rejects" here are 187 and C-Money...I was told they are still having problems with building owner JC with him and Baker getting into it...Who is Dylan??...Why wasn't Christian Jacobs here?? Is he gone now??