Monday, April 26, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 4.24.10

Tatt2 starts off the show by talking to the people of Ripley, TN.
Tucker and Randy run to the ring and jump Tatt2 right in the middle of
the National Anthem. Seth Knight comes out to help Tatt2, but Tucker and
Randy still maintained thier ground in the ring. All of a sudden
Motley and Biship come out to address Tucker and Randy.
Match was made between Tucker/Randy vs Motley and Bishop.

Biscute Vs. Gaylond Ray
Biscute wins

Tommy Redneck w/ Dustin Baker vs. Ike Tucker
Redneck pushes Caleb (the ref) then Caleb pushes Redneck back
making Redneck trip over Ike. Ike rolls up Redneck for the 3 count.
Dustin Baker jumps on side of the ring yelling at Ike for winning.
Ike grabs Dustin and starts yelling back as Redneck attacks Ike from
Dustin makes Caleb have a wrestling match because he put his hands
on another wrestler. Tommy Redneck is the special guest referee.

Precious/Seth Knight vs V-man and Officer Hudson
Precious/Seth Knight wins

Caleb vs Tatt2 W/ Tommy Redneck being special guest Referee
No winner declared

Caleb and Redneck bump into each and both get knocked down. They are on the middle rope on both sides. Tatt2 is deciding who to give the 901. He acts like he is about to hit the 901 on Caleb but turns and hits Redneck. Redneck stumbles over and then was hit with a frog splash by Tatt2. Redneck gets up then out of know where Caleb hits Redneck with a "RKO."

Tucker/Randy vs Motley/Bishop
Motley/Bishop win by DQ