Tuesday, April 06, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Oscelola, AR 04.02.10 - Pokerface New MCW Champion!!

The night was action packed and the crowd was sitting on the edge of their seats during the entire night. Home Lee and Snuffy vs Hambones 1& 2. Hambones double-teamed Snuffy with the Hambone Crusher and took the win. 

C-Money vs Aaron XTC, C-Money dominated this match all the way through, he was devasting and took the win with the Money clip.

Third match was Miss Candy vs the MCW Ladies Champ Miss Innocent with Rashard Devon at ringside. The match was furious. Both women were battling hard, that Ladies' belt is a hot ticket item at this time. Miss Candy was dominating the match when Rashard Devon detained the ref and Miss Nay Nay reared her head . Nay Nay thought she was going to superkick Miss Candy but she misses and kicks Miss Innocent.  Nay Nay turned around and went to super kick Miss Candy again and she ducked it, then Security Dewayne stepped in the ring and choked slammed Nay Nay, Miss Candy got the pin on Miss Innocent and took back HER belt. Nay Nay and Miss Innocent was left lying in the ring. Rashard Devon was very upset. The crowd was eccestantic. 

4th Match was Pimp and Southside vs Jeremy Spiker and Kilo. Pimp and Southside  dominated the match and took the win with the aggravated assault on Jeremy Spiker.

Semi Main event was Big Daddy LaFonce and All American Frankie vs Adrian S and Ray, the match was back and forth, Frankie would be on top then the action would turn and Adrian and Ray would overpower Frankie and Big Daddy, but at last the Hot tag was mad and Big Daddy put the skull buster on Ray and took the win. 

Main event was a Triple Threat Match Bishop vs Rashard Devon vs Pokerface. Rashard Devon still holds the Heavyweight title.  The match is fast and furious. Bishop jumps in takes a quick pin on Rashard Devon. Bishop is celebrating up in the ring, thinking he has it all in the bag, Pokerface schoolboys him and gets the pin. Pokerface and the crowd are all celebrating and Bishop jumps back in the ring and spears Pokerface, you know Bishop is becoming more and more like Rashard Devon daily, always double crossing someone. Big Daddy and Frankie T and East Coast hit the ring to assist Pokerface, Pokerface takes the win and is now The Heavy Weight Champion of MCW. Pokerface has held the Middle weight belt, the cruzierweight belt, the tag team belt and the TV belt in his history at MCW but he has never held the Heavyweight Title!  I guess there is a first time for everything.

Credit: MCW and Kim Wallace