Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 4.17 and 4.24.10


-Shannon Lee beat The Kid...Chris Rocker beat Brad Badd...Big Red/Jason Reed beat Kevin Charles/Dan Matthews...Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels beat "High Society" [Blaine Devine/Oz]...Jeremy Moore beat Mark Justice in a Title vs Mark's career in NBW.


-70 to 80 in the crowd.

----Apparently Justice was set to go to MACW in Dyersburg to book, but they backed out on him.  I honestly would not have him back to NBW for at least 6 months just to keep the stip alive.  I would only then bring him with something special. Justice has been with NBW on and off since February, 2007.


-Blaine Devine beat JR Manson...J-Weezy beat Shannon Lee for the High Risk Title...Brad Badd beat Oz...Jeremy Moore beat Chris Rocker and Brandon Barbwire a 3-Way to retain NBW Title...Jason Reed/Big Reed beat Derrick King/Cody Melton to advance tot he finals against Stan Lee & Chris O'Neal.


-90 or more in the crowd...Moore was set to face Rocker but Barbwire came out and Jeff McDonald made it a 3 Way...Moore punished Oz and made him wrestle Badd...This week they have "High Society" [Oz/Blaine Devine] vs Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels in a 2 out of 3 falls match. If "Society" wins then Oz gets to kiss Nikels.

----I like what they have done with the High Risk title - giving it to the undercard guys...Kiss Nikels??  I got to hear this angle!! LOL