Monday, April 26, 2010

RassleResults: RCW TV Taping in Augusta, AR 04.24.2010

Here are the results from the latest Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) TV Taping in Augusta, AR Saturday night.

- "All That" Alan Steele defeated Kevin Charles by submission with the "Steele Trap." Following the match, RCW Announcer Brian Thompson interviewed Steele who claimed he was in RCW to find an "old foe" who seems to be running from him. Thompson tried to find out who Steele was talking about and all Steele would say is that "You know who he is and he knows who he is."

- Thompson and RCW Board of Directors Member Steve Cherry announced that Augusta Mayor Jimmy Rhodes would serve as guest referee in the main event of the show.

- Jon Michael Worthington defeated Justin "The Juice" Smart.

- "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs defeated Maxx Corbin. Worthington came out half-way during the match to scout Jacobs, who he will soon face in the finals of the RCW Heavyweight Title Tournament.

- Following intermission, there was a contract signing between Jacobs and Worthington. Their past as friends and partners was brought up during the segment. After Thompson sent the segment to a commercial break, he asked both men to shake hands. Worthington refused. Jacobs got hot about it and challenged Worthington to get in the ring "right now." Jacobs went to the ring and Worthington followed. They had a face off until Worthington left the ring, saying Augusta didn't deserve to see the match.

- Matt Riviera defeated Ron Rage by disqualification after Rage pushed referee Bill Rush down, refusing to break holds. This one was a little wild as they went out of the building with Rage ramming Riviera face-first into the RCW ring trailer.

- Premiere Brutality ("3G" Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels) defeated Midnight Gold ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony) when Wayne rolled up Eaton. Eaton had gotten into a tug of war with referee and Augusta Mayor Rhodes over the "key to the city" that Eaton wanted to use as a weapon.

RassleNotes: 80-90 in the crowd...Area wrestling personalities in the house for a visit included Jamie Jay, Teko Murdoch, Tom Simon and Betty Butler...Crowd was into all the matches, solidly behind babyface. Jacobs got a great reaction during the contract signing...RCW returns to Augusta with a few crew members for "Augusta Days" on Saturday, May 29. It's a free show as part of the fair...Other upcoming RCW shows include Saturday, May 15 in Forrest City and Saturday, June 12 in Wynne as part of "Farm Fest 2010." There will also be a "PWA Feature Match" on the Wynne show.