Saturday, April 24, 2010

RassleResults: SWA Newport, AR 4.17.10

1.TJ Wells(IC Champ) vs Mark Wolf vs Joshua Cross
Winner: Joshua Cross New Champ
2. Big Al vs Logan Adams
Winner: Logan with Scott Fury's help
3. JR Special vs Kid Krazzy
Winner: JR Special
4. Battle Royal for a shot at the SWA Title later in the night
Winner: Ray Ray, Big Dog Harley left him laying afterwards
5. Scott Fury(US Champ) vs Tommy "WHO'S DA MAN!" Drama
Winner: Tommy Drama New Champ
6. Big Dog Harley(SWA Champ) Vs Ray Ray
Winner: Harley, when Ray passed out from a submission move
7. LSD vs Asylum(Psycho/Pappy/Suicide)
Winners: LSD, afterwards Sexy Sam Dollar and his clan(all the heels) left LSD laying. Sexy even came out of the wheelchair that LSD had put him in. Sexy said that he was going to put LSD out of SWA 

Tonight: 4 team Gauntlet for Tag Titles featuring LSD, Ray Ray/Big Al, Scott Fury/Logan Adams, and Big Dog Harley/JR Special 

----I am happy to be able to cover this promotion on a weekly basis now.  They are about 10 minutes away from ASWF in Tuckerman, AR and seem to be drawing 80 to 100 people on a regular basis.  I am told the crowd is rowdy and the show is pretty good.  Where did all the good talent from ASWF go?? They are working SWA along with some others they have added.  It looks like a solid crew.  They got Fury, Adams, Asylum, LSD, Ray Ray, Krazzy and of my all time favorite managers - Sam Dollar.  Is this THE Tommy Drama from the LAW days?? CLICK HERE for some photos from the group by Tia Blaylock.