Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Straight Flush "This and That" by Pokerface

This and That -
Nothing in particular to talk about this week, but I will share my random thoughts and feelings about the business. I really enjoy participating in this thing we call professional wrestling. For the most part however, I don't enjoy watching it. That goes for watching it on the local as well as the national level. Don't get me wrong I'm still a fan as well as a participant. But not too much intrigues me as a fan. I've spoken before about unpredictability and excitement, and that's what's missing. The only real excitement that I've had lately is the fact that there have been two female wrestlers where I wrestle, and I guess you could say I try to "tutor" them. It excites me because I can pass knowledge to someone else that wants to learn. Plus by me always lecturing them, it keeps me on point in my matches, because I know they are watching. 

Anyway, I kinda drifted there. Again I state, we as wrestlers and bookers need to think outside the box. Let's try new things and new ideas. But I guess I'm spitting in the wind right? All I've heard lately is about power struggles at this and that promotion. Seems like bookers are changing every week.  Or I'm hearing about wrestlers jumping ship. Jumping ship my ass! They are just moving to a promotion 20 minutes down the road. So it's more like swimming to shore. And you still got promotions running within a stone's throw from another promotions. Honestly, unless you are getting the building for free, I think it's not smart business. Even then you are risking splitting the area. But you aint gotta take my word, look at the numbers.

I really feel as time goes on, the art of wrestling will become more and more lost. I mean that from the business side as well as what goes on in the ring. If I had the money , I would start my own wrestling company. It would be based here in Memphis. It would cover Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and maybe Kentucky. 

I would hold my own draft, and you would be surprised at who wouldn't get picked. The guys would be exclusive to the company. Everyone from the bottom to the top would get a guarantee. Not alot but more than what they are getting now. It would be an open door policy. If you can't get with the program, then leave out the open door. Your money would increase depending on your performance. There would be designated people to sell the wrestlers merchandise, so as to keep the wrestlers mystique between them and the fans. There would be a locker room enforcer like in the old days. Meaning if anybody needed an attitude adjustment the enforcer took care of it. Hey, I probably would want that job for myself. The guys would have to be at the show two hours ahead of time. APPROPRIATE WRESTLING ATTIRE WOULD BE REQUIRED. That is unless you gimmick calls for something different. I would have a three person booking team. But I would have final say so. Only wrestlers in the dressing room, there at times may be an exception. No bad ass kids in the dressing room. I hate that shit. There would be exceptions. And last but not least, we would make our own stars. That would be our first priority, But that's just me. Until next time, keep your pimp hand strong.