Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 4.24.10 by Danielle Howard

Despite the warnings from the Weather Channel, N.E.W. braved the oncoming thunderstorms and still held their show. The crowd wasn't as thick as it usually is but those die hard fans showed up. T-Bone Terrance and John Steele opened up the show as usual.

The first match was between Superman Jason Reed and All That Alan Steele. The match started off a little slow with both guys feeling each other out. Alan dominated the match for the first half. Jason Reed turned it around after delivering a super-kick to Alan Steele. Alan Steele wound up turning it around though and got the pin against Jason Reed.

The second match was against Big Rig Cody Murdock and Kid Nikels. This was Cody's premier match. Nickels and Cody were pretty well matched up. Nikels had a hard time getting the Big Rig off of his feet. The match went back and forth and it looked like Nikels was going to get the pin when there was interference from All That Alan Steele. The distraction allowed for Cody to roll Nikels up and get the pin. After the match Kid Nikels is furious and goes back to the production room and starts venting his frustration to Ken Wayne.

Third match, Main Event, a Double Jeopardy match between Primetime Kevin Charles, Justin The Juice Smart and 3G Eric Wayne. The beginning of the match involved a lot of tagging in and out between the three athletes. None of them voluntary either. As tempers rose the match started to get intense first between Eric Wayne and Kevin Charles where in the middle of a hold Justin tags himself in. Eric takes it to Justin. Justin manages to dominate Eric Wayne for a little while but in the end Eric Wayne with submission on Justin Smart and KO'ed Kevin Charles for the win, and keeps his title.

With little more than 2 minutes remaining in the show, it's announced that Kid Nikels is getting a match with Alan Steele and it will last till the end of the show. Alan Steele comes on the screen and tries to waste time by talking about himself and the history of Alan Steele. Nikels drags Steele out into the ring where the bell is rung and the match is underway. Nikels and Steele go back and forth with Nikels being the primary aggressor. However time runs out without a successful pin. After the cameras go off and Nikels unsatisfied one of the Ken's trainees, DJ, happens to be a little to close to the ring and gets pushed in. Kid and DJ go at it and for a trainee DJ really manages to hold his own but he's no match for the giant. After a choke slam DJ is out cold.

Photos: Steele vs Reed and Murdoch vs Nikels by Danielle