Monday, May 17, 2010

The Big Announcement - Gene Jackson New Editor In Chief of RRO!!!

----I am happy to announce that Gene Jackson has agreed to take over the day to day operations of RRO for a limited time. Jackson joined the site in June, 2007 contributing some classic columns and radio shows in the past few years. After four years of working almost every day [ok I took a week off to go to Vegas and Thompson took over], I was happy to get a message back from Gene agreeing to do this task. I am still the official owner of the site and we will still have TGB, Pokerface, DT Bruno, Eric Wayne and Maxx Corbin contributing, but Jackson will be the guy in charge. I have given him the "ok" to take the site in any direction he wants. The plan has me turning in a "Coach's Corner" piece for Thursday [which will be the 1/3 of the year award leaders piece] and I still plan to cover the big NBW event on May 29, 2010 and file an Arena Report following that show. From this coming Thursday [5.20.10] until July 1, 2010, all results, columns and issues about the site should be sent to Gene Jackson at I plan on returning on July 1..well...that is unless Jackson is so over he brings the site hits up and the fans are demanding him. So, enjoy your time with Gene, I will become a reader of the site, but not a contributor for my short vacation.