Monday, May 17, 2010

Cheap Heat- "WE'RE TAKING OVER!!" by Gene Jackson

So I decided to title this one with the immortal words of "Big Stevie Cool".....the battle cry of the B.W.O., "We're taking over!" because a week or so ago I got a message from Brian Tramel asking if I'd be interested in taking over the site whileh he took a hiatus since he's been running it non-stop for four years and apparently is busy losing weight all the time now (asshole, must be nice) anyway, at first I thought, "uhh, that would be a pain in the ass and a lot of work and I'm really not into more work." Then I thought about it and decided two things......1) BT deserves a break and 2) There's always been a few things I wanted to implement here just to see how they would be received. So since Brian told me that much like the Hulkster, I'd have full creative control of the RROnews website, I decided to give it a shot so here I am now the 'Commander in Chief" of Rasslin Riot Online. (I think he said editor in chief but you know...whatever...I'm the H.N.I.C. if you weel as Dusty Rhodes might say).

Now I'm not gonna implement EVERYTHING in one day but rather a little at a time and see how folks react. One of the things that's disappointed me about RRO is the lack of posts on the "kayfabe board". Now I know part of the reason why is because people don't want to register and have people know who they REALLY are, thus the former popularity of the "bathroom wall" over at Now I'm not looking for bullshit like what gets posted over there. I'm thinking more along the lines of the type of interaction you see on sites like Wrestling Classics, Kayfabe Memories, the NWA Legends Fanfest forums, and such.

Now I know Brian isn't going to like this buy hey, again I'm running things now so we're gonna try this out and see how it goes. I've put together the ALL NEW RROnews WRESTLING FORUMS.....and for now if people can not get too ignorant with what they post we will NOT make you register to post there. However if things start getting out of hand we will do that. With the amount of hits this site gets daily there are a LOT of people that check this site out regularly and I'd like to hear from them. The thing that will make this forum different is we will offer several different ones for different types of discussion. It will breakdown into local wrestling, WWE/TNA etc... MMA, and a place to post show results and promote upcoming events. There will also be a separate forum for TRADING.....This is quite popular at other sites where people can find other fans to trade wrestling related items such as books, dvds, old programs, pics, and other misc. merchandise. Please use it for it's intended purpose, don't come on trying to sell bootleg items, or trade porn and whatnot. Another new forum I added is something that's popular on many other forums and that's fantasy booking. I figure with all the people who are constantly saying that they could book a show WAY better than all these "dumbass promoters" around's your chance to prove it. Sure you can't figure in the 'X' factors like how it will draw and things of that nature but you can put together a card with results and post it for others to read and critique. See how well you do. Start your own leagues and such. Book your own "Memphis Wrestling" series and see if you can "show Corey Maclin how it's done." Just don't over extend yourself and run off afterwards and not pay your workers like an asshole.....that's not fantasy booking, that's reality and there's enough of that going on already.

These things may do well and get some people's participation...or there may be crickets chirping here like on the kayfabe board....but go check it and post something and see if we can get some intelligent discussion going about the business we all love for a change. Here's the link RROnews WRESTLING FORUMS

So that's one minor addition to the site but I'd love to hear from you the daily readers of RRO and let me know what sorta things you'd like to see done to improve or enhance your experience here at Rasslin Riot. One thing I wanna do is to try to cover a little more ground and get more coverage of some of the areas that some people feel are lacking. The way to do that is for you to SEND ME STUFF!! Send me your upcoming shows.....send me your results......send me video clips of your matches......interview your workers and send it to me.....this site is not here to promote ME....or BT......or any of the other staff, it's here to promote southern indy wrestling SO PLEASE HELP ME DO THAT!!

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