Thursday, May 13, 2010


----I would like to thank everyone that has ever visited this site or helped me in one way or another. I am still humbled to this day that the site is so popular and that people recognize me in supermarkets because of it. I think I said this on one of the radio shows one time, but this was an idea of mine for a year before it started. Christian Jacobs did his best to talk me out of it. LOL Psycho and Brian Thompson have been on board since Day One and have always gave me my props!! Thanks to Ken Wayne, who was one of the first few "old timers" who gave his "ok" for the site. I thank all four of those guys for their support!! And to all the other guys and gals that come to this site every day and a lot of you have become my best friends [Stacy!!]. I have made a few enemies also...yeah hard to believe some people don't like me; right?? Well, my friend Sarge O'Reilly told me in the very opening days of the site - "Tell them the truth about their matches, don't smooth it over. I would rather know what I did wrong than you kissing my ass saying I had a good match." I have tried to stick by that policy for all the long four years.

----As a special treat for the 4 Year Anniversary day, I have posted the site stats, a link to the first ever post from four years back and photos of various workers in the area putting up the "four horsemen" sign to tribute the four years of RRO. [Thanks to Psycho and Tia for getting those photos for me!!] Also, if you want to send in your photo with the 4 Year sign tribute, I will be posting more of these on Sunday night. Send it today!! Also, on Monday, I will have a HUGE announcement for RRO!! There is going to be a major change going on and it is something that has NEVER happened on this site!!

----Thanks again everyone!! Luv you!!!


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