Sunday, May 30, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Payback in Tuckerman, AR 05.29.2010

Sounds like the All-Star Wrestling Federation (ASWF) had a good night in Tuckerman, AR for its "Payback 2010" card. Here are the results courtesy of T-Bone Terrence Ward and

What an incredible night of wrestling this proved to be a night not to be forgotten. Throughout the night the fans, despite the rain and storms, where pumped the entire the night. We had a special group of fans all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma who where in attendence. Not to forget the Youth Group from Nettleton Baptist Church in Jonesboro. With an attendance of 400+ people this night will go down in ASWF History.

1st Match: One Fall
Loose Cannon vs. Christopher Lee
This match would mark the debut for Loose Cannon back at the ASWF. In this short lived match Christopher Lee would dominate the match and take home the victory via pin fall.

2nd Match: One Fall
Reggie Montgomery vs. Chris Stryker
The Ebony Idol would deliver the first loss to The Striking Image Chris Stryker in this hard fought match. Stryker was 2-0 coming into Payback. After the match Mike Titan would come to the aid of Stryker and would be laid out by the Ebony Idol.

3rd Match: Euro Title Match
Hot Rod John Ellison vs. Lee Michaels
This title match would be Lee’s last chance to secure the title or face being fired by ASWF Co-Commissioner Big Money Frank Martin. Frank made it very clear that if he lost this match he was gone. Lee fought hard and won back the Euro Title via pin fall.

4th Match: Ladies Match
Su Yung vs. Nikki Lane
WWE Developmental Diva Su Yung would face ASWF’s own Nikki Lane. This match would last only four minutes with Nikki Lane getting the win via pin fall.

5th Match: X-Division Qualifying Match
Mike Anthony vs. Seth Sabor
This would be the last shot for Seth Sabor to get the X-Division Title. These two would prove why they are in the X-Division. Seth Sabor would pull out a win from nowhere and get a shot next week for the title.

6th Match: Tag Team Match
Johnny Hawk/Wild Bill vs. Morgan Williams/ “The Sexay Assassin”
This tag team match was made just minutes before the bell was rung by ASWF Co-Commissioner T-Bone Terrence Ward. Hawk and Wild Bill were determined to remove the mask and prove that the Sexay Assassin was Brian Christopher. Morgan and Sexay Assassin would pull out the win.

7th Match: ASWF Title Match/Triple Threat Rules
Cason McClain vs. Austin Lane vs. Cody Murdoch
This match proved all these contenders are title material. Fatigue, stress, and pain would play a part in this explosive match. Austin would reign supreme when he pinned Cody Murdoch for the 1, 2, 3.

8th Match: Main Event/One Fall
Demon X with Hollywood Jimmy/Su Yung vs. Jerry The King Lawler
This main event match would prove why Jerry Lawler was STILL The King. The King would take the fight to Demon X but would be interrupted by Hollywood and Su Yung who would interfere in his match. Demon X would bring out the "demon" in the King. After some taunting to the King, Lawler would end up throwing fire in the face of Demon X Jerry would get the win via pinfall.

Special thanks to Betty Butler for helping make this event successfull.