Sunday, May 02, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 05.01.10

The show opened with Co-Commissioner Terrance Ward announcing that tonight he would not be handling Commissioner duties as Ricky Rowland wasn't there, he would be needed to announce for the night. The other Co-Commissioner's music hit and "Big Money" Frank Martin made his way to the ring. As Big Money was talking about his plans for the night, Austin Lane made his way to the ring and he was not happy. Lane told Big Money that he had never known "Ebony Idol" Reggie Montgomery to attack someone from behind, but if that is how he wanted to play, fine. Lane called out Montgomery and as he was coming to the ring, he was throwing crackers into the audience and said they weren't anything but a bunch of crackers. Reggie got into the ring and said that the people of Tuckerman were nothing but 3rd grade educated inbreds. Austin then stated that these were his people and that they had spent their hard earned dollars to get him the watch that he proudly wears. Montgomery continued his verbal abuse on the people of Tuckerman and Austin removed his shirt and watch and said he wanted to fight him now. Reggie got out of the ring and picked up Austin's watch and smashed it and told Austin that is what he thinks of the fans and their champion. Austin went ballistic and after a minute they got the match set up for Austin vs. Ebony Idol, later in the night.

1st match- Mike Titan defeated "Hot Rod" John Ellison in this championship bout. This match had several twists and turns in it as Hot Rod focused his attack on Mike Titan's knee. As Titan was getting his bearings back and starting to launch an impressive offense, Hot Rod got out of the ring and told Titan, at least this way, I get to keep the title. Hot Rod stayed out for the 10 count to retain the title.

2nd match- Johnny Hawk defeated Seth Sabor in this contest. Johnny Hawk pretty much dominated this match. Every time Sabor tried to get his offense going Hawk seemed to be one step ahead of him. It wasn't long before experience ran out and the veteran rolled Sabor up for the 1-2-3.

Big Money came out to the ring and stated that since he fired Ricky Rowland as Commissioner last weekend, he felt he needed to keep that tradition going and he called The Enforcer to the ring. Big Money said he was gonna give The Enforcer a chance to Retire gracefully to which The Enforcer responded No! Big Money then told Enforcer that he had a 401K plan for him. He had hired a couple of guys for 401K to take The Enforcer out. CCR then appeared. Just as it was looking like a handicap match was about to ensue, Mike Titan came out to the ring looking for retribution from last weeks match against CCR. Looks like The Enforcer has his own 401K in newcomer Mike Titan.

3rd match- CCR defeated The Enforcer and Mike Titan. This match was explosive from the bell. The Enforcer and Titan were clearly on the same page and Wild Bill and Demon X were pulling out all the stops to try and the career of this legend. After several illegal switches by CCR, The Enforcer was fed up and pulled out his trusty chain. The ref saw The Enforcer use the chain and disqualified him and Titan.

Just as intermission was coming to a close and Christopher Lee was saying goodbye to some of his fans, he was brutally attacked by his would be opponent for the night, the X Division Champion, Mike Anthony. Anthony continued the attack on Lee until Lee was unconscious in the middle of the ring. Anthony then took the mike and told everyone in the locker room that he was putting them on notice. If they met up with him in the ring, he would leave them laying just like he just left Christopher Lee.

Semi Main Event- Austin Lane vs. Reggie Montgomery ended in a double count out. This bout got started before the bell even rung. As Austin Lane was coming through the curtain, Montgomery attacked him from behind. These guys were all over the building. They were on the bleachers and using whatever they could get their hands on to try and inflict pain on one another. They finally made it into the ring and the match officially started. This match didn't stay inside the ropes for long. They were back outside, they didn't want to wrestle, they wanted to hurt each other. The ref had no choice but to count out both men.

It took all the wrestlers from the back several minutes and tries to get these 2 apart and get some semblance of order restored. Big Money finally stepped in and made a rematch for May15th in a steel cage so there can't be any count outs!

Main Event- The American Degenerates defeated CM2 to become the NEW ASWF Tag Team Champions. This was a great match. CM2 and The Degenerates have a hate for each other that drove them in this match and caused them to want to hurt each other. Athena Eclipse kept trying to help her guys, but to no avail. In the end, Morgan Williams hit the muscle cutter on Cody Murdoch to get the 1-2-3.

After the match, Athena Eclipse climbed into the ring and proceeded to start mouthing The American Degenerates. She received a very well executed Muscle Cutter for her time and trouble!

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