Sunday, May 16, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 05.08.10

1st Match- Johnny Hawk def. Sancho Libre
The match started with Hawk dominating Sancho. Every time Sancho tried to make a come back, Hawk used his experience and power to regain control. About 5 minutes into the match, Sancho seemed to be gaining the upper hand and Johnny Hawk threw him from the ring and used a foreign object to jab Sancho in the throat and threw him back in the ring. Hawk then hit his finisher for the 1,2,3.

2nd Match- "Hot Rod John Ellison def. Lee Michaels
This was a good match from start to finish. There were several twists and turns in this match. Both Ellison and Michaels displayed excellent wrestling skills and just did what they do. The end came when Ellison hit his patented Superkick to knock Michaels out for the ,1,2,3.

3rd Match- Mike Anthony def. Seth Sabor
This  bout started with Seth Sabor firmly in control and able to counter everything that Mike threw at him. Sabor had several near pin in the first few minutes of the match. As the match progressed, Anthony's experience and 'will to do anything to win' became apparent as he held the tights during the rollup and this enabled him to get the pin.

4th- Match The American Degenerates def CCR to retain the Tag Team Titles
This bout opened with Morgan Williams and Demon X in the ring. Williams challenged Demon X to a test of strength and was given a cheapshot in the face for his effort. Every time Williams went on the offense, it seemed like Demon X had the counter for it. The American Degenerates finally came into a position that allowed them frequent tags and kept them fresh. It wasn't long til CCR began breaking the rules to try to get a victory. As the match broke down with all 4 men in the ring, WIld Bill pulled a chain from his tights and knocked Morgan out for the pin. However, Commissioner T-Bone Terrance Ward saw the chain and reversed the decision allowing The American Degenerates to retain their titles via DQ.

5th Match- Kid J def. Lil Devil
This contest opened with Kid J in control and then Lil Devil turned things around. There were amazing suplexes from both of these guys as they worked each over. Kid J got the pin after hitting a 'MKO' on Lil Devil. After the win, Kid J was brutally attacked by Lil Devil's 'father', Demon X and Wild Bill. As CCR and Lil Devil tried to destroy Kid J, The American Degenerates came out to make the save. Be watching for these guys in a 6 man tag match on June 5th when The Mighty Midgets are scheduled to return.

Main Event- Austin Lane def. Cody Murdoch w/ Athena
This contest showed Murdoch trying everything in his arsenal to defeat Austin Lane; even using Lane's own spear against him. Lane showed his resilience as nothing Murdoch did could keep him down. As this true fighting Champion was closing in on Murdoch for the victory; he was attacked by "The Ebony Idol" Reggie Montgomery. Austin won his match via DQ, but this attack left Austin laid out in the middle of the ring.

Credit: Lilly and