Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 5.08.10

Show starts off with the National Anthem as always with Rick Ruby coming out after it is finished..Rick says over the past few weeks a lot of things have happened that he is dissapointed in, but tonight is a good night. He wants to introduce the new "official" DCW Commissioner Jeff Perryman..Perryman comes out to tell Ruby, that the one of the first thigns on my order of business is to take care of the Tejano Kid situation, but since all of the tornado's in and around his home in Texas he could not be here tonight...Ruby says thats ok and tells Perryman that he wants him to take care of it whenever he can and Perryman promises him and the DCW crowd that he will...Perryman says tonight's card will be great, so lets get this show on the road....Angeleena's music hits, but it is Poker Face who comes out instead of her! Poker says that she could not be here tonight, so he is going to face her opponent tonight and Poker calls her out..its Debella! Poker makes this match a NO DQ match, so DeBella will have a chance so Poker says....

Match 1: Poker Face vs DeBella
-match was pretty good..DeBella really can work well in the ring and as always Poker is out-standing..I think Poker is probably one of the best wrestlers I have ever seen that had the full package in the business: talent, charisma, respect for the business, and the ability to work with anyone!! That is saying a lot..match is great and is back and forth with both DeBella and Poker exchanging great moves on each other, but Poker gets ready to hit the Straight Flush but Southside comes out and superkicks him and DeBella gets the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall DeBella!!

Match 2: Chaos vs Southside (Non-title)
-match was great as was their last match together! Even though there is a huge size advantage for Chaos and a huge speed advantage for Southside..both men work really well together in the ring!! Match was going back and forth, but JD Kerry comes in and hits Southside in the head after he hits the superkick and tries to go for the win..winner via DQ Southside!!

Match 3: Mr. Pimptacular vs Ray Leigh
-good to see Ray Leigh back in the Dogg House tonight and he put on a good match with Mr Pimptacular...match goes back and forth in the beginning, but Pimp really gains control late in the match..Pimp reverses a move into the "Hoe-checker" for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Mr Pimptacular!!

Match 4: JD Kerry vs Jon Allen
-great match once again..i dont thing these two could have a bad match if they tried and it is almost a shame that no one will get to see it unless you were there in the Dogg House that night..both men put on some spectacular moves and have another all out war..Jon Allen looks to have the match won, but Poker Face comes in and distracts him and Kerry rolls him up for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall JD Kerry!!

After the match everyone comes in and starts to fight in the ring: Kerry, Allen, Southside,
Mr. Pimptacular, Ray Leigh, and Poker...Allen, Southside, and Leigh clear the ring and Commissioner Perryman says he is sick of all this going on and matches being ruined by other he makes a 6-Man Tag for after intermission Allen, Southside, and Leigh vs Pimp, Poker, and Kerry....


Main Event: Jon Allen, Southside, & Ray Leigh vs Poker Face, Pimptacular, and JD Kerry
-match was pretty good from start to finish..all 6 men get to wrestle in the match, but Allen is isolated for about 12-15 minutes in the ring without making a tag..finally Southside comes in the ring and clears house and Allen, Southside, & Leigh get the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Southside, Allen, and Leight!!

After the match Mr Pimptacular gets some kind of metal stick to choke out Southside in the ring and Perryman tells Pimp that is enough...Perryman leaves the announcer's booth and goes down to the ring and gets in Pimptacular's face and says if he does not quit there will be consequences for his actions...Pimp tells him to stick it!!!! Perryman tells Pimp that he is suspended for a week starting right now and Pimp goes crazy and Kerry & Poker have to restrain him..finally he hits Southside with the "Hoe-Checker" and says I got my weeks worth..then Poker grabs DeBella who escorted Southside's team to the ring and is going to give her another "Straight-Flush" and Perryman hops into the ring and threatens to suspend Poker for a month if he does not leave her alone..finally Poker throws her to the ground and they leave the ring...Southside and Allen have to be helped to the back by security and Perryman after their match.....

Card was good from top to bottom again...great matches and crowd was around a 100 or so!!

Biggest Pop: Jon Allen
Biggest Heat: Poker Face

Credit: Jeff Perrymand and DCW