Monday, May 10, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 5.08.10

Show starts out with Dylan (kid commissioner) hyping up the crowd and to do the National Anthem. After the Anthem Dustin Baker w/ V-man come out to the ring and kick Dylan out. Dustin continues on the microphone and makes a match between Caleb (the ref) vs. Tommy Redneck. Then Dustin moves onto Christian Jacobs and said that he will defend his EWE championship tonight and if he doesn't show up he will be stripped of the title and V-man would be the new champion by forfeit.

Rude vs Jon Michael
Jon Michael wins by pin fall

Bishop & Motley Cruze vs Seth Knight & Tatt2
Bishop & Motley win
Rude comes out and pulls Tatt2 out of the ring. Tatt2 and Rude continue to fight on the outside of the ring all the way to the back and leaves Seth Knight to fend for himself. Bishop & Motley beat Seth Knight.

Dylan comes back out to the ring and apologizes to the crowd about Dustin Baker's actions and proceeds to call him a jerk. Dustin, outraged, comes to the ring with Allen Steel this time. Dustin yells at Dylan and tells him to leave the ring and never come back. Dylan was then shoved down by Allen Steel and then was put in a headlock. Dustin told Dylan that he better leave the ring or Allen was going to make him leave. Dylan stands his ground and tells Dustin that he just made the biggest mistake. The Flash Flanagan's music hit.
Flash comes to the ring and out goes Allen and Dustin. Dylan and Flash make a challenge to Allen and Dustin; that if Flash wins the match that Dustin and Allen have to do whatever Dylan wants for 30 days. Allen then agrees only if the stipulations apply to him and Dustin as well. If Allen beats Flash then Dylan and Flash have to do whatever Allen and Dustin Baker tell them to do.

Flash Flanagan w/ Commissioner Dylan vs Allen Steel with Dustin Baker
Allen Steel wins by cheat finish with chain. Dylan gets in the ring and tells Caleb that Allen has a chain. Caleb catches the chain on Allen and forces the match to restart. Dustin Baker is outraged and yells at Caleb and grabs a hold of him screaming. As Caleb is distracted, Allen tries to go after Dylan but only to meet Flash with a Ken-do stick. Caleb pushes Dustin off the side of the ring and sees Flash pinning Allen.
Flash Flanagan wins

Caleb vs Tommy Redneck w/ Dustin Baker
After Redneck and Caleb are in the ring Commissioner Dylan comes out and makes an announcement about a special guest referee. Tatt2 comes out
Redneck wins by cheat pin on Caleb. Redneck holds himself down using the ropes and Tatt2 counts as slow as he can, but never sees Redneck holding the ropes.

Main Event
Christian Jacobs vs V-man for the EWE heavyweight Championship
Christian Jacobs wins by DQ
Officer Hudson comes in and interferes with the match. Caleb calls DQ. As Hudson and V-man are beating up Christian Jacobs; Jon Michael comes out to help Christian Jacobs. Officer Hudson and V-man leave the ring as Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael stay in the ring with victory.