Thursday, May 13, 2010

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 5.01.10

-Dan Matthews beat Justin Smart

-Eric Wayne beat Moe Stegall

-Kid Nikels/Cody Murdoch vs Alan Steele/Mike Anthony went to time limit draw.

----This show aired on 5.08.10...This was Moe Stegall's debut bout...Stips on the main event had when you got pinned, you had to get in a small cage. [Like the ones in the old Memphis days]  Murdoch lost a fall, so had to be placed in the the cage until Anthony was pinned and had to be caged for what ended up being the remainder of the match.  Downtown Bruno pretended to lose the key and Anthony sit in the cage for the close of the show. LOL...Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno refereed...John Steele and T-Bone were the announcers...I did talk with NEW this week and they have decided to start letting us post results as soon as they happen, instead of waiting on them to air.