Sunday, May 16, 2010

RassleResults: Ringside Championship Wrestling in Forrest City, AR 05.15.2010

Here are the results from last night's Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) TV Taping in Forrest City, AR at the Boys and Girls Club of St. Francis County.

- Matt Riviera defeated "Dynamite" Seth Knight by pinfall. Riviera used the ropes, cheating to get the win. After the match, Riviera was angry with the crowd reaction so he went to the back, got his bag and left out the front door.

- "All That" Alan Steele defeated Justin "The Juice" Smart by submission with the "Steele Trap." Post-match, Steele was interviewed by Brian Thompson.

- "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony (with "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton) defeated "Dangerous" Dan Matthews.

- Stan Lee & Chris O'Neal battled Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels to a 20-minute time limit draw.

- Main Event: Ron Rage defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton by pinfall.

RassleNotes: Around 80 in attendance . . . RCW introduced "Ringside Red," a gorilla mascot for the company during intermission. After the main event, "Ringside Red" got into the ring to celebrate with Ron Rage. Then the mascot attacked Rage and left him laying with a steel chair. He took off the mask, revealing himself to be Matt Riviera . . . In his interview, Steele refused to reveal the man he is looking for, but did say the guy is probably sitting at home, making video highlight reels of himself for his own amusement . . . The tag match was very solid, with the crowd getting into really toward the final 5 minutes after being given standard baby vs. heel matches during the first part of the show. Several high impact spots at the end made the crowd want "5 more minutes" to see a winner . . . Rage got a big pop when he came out as he is popular in the area and is a former Forrest City resident . . . A small story was told with the referees as Justin Bryson refereed the first and third matches, the first of his career. Chuck Poe handled the other bouts. The heels pulled off some dirty tactics against Bryson, while Poe caught "Golden Boy" cheating in the main and threw him out of ringside. . . RCW returns to Forrest City on Saturday, June 19 at 7:30 p.m. . . . Other shows include the Augusta Days Fair on May 29, an outside show at Car Today in Jonesboro on May 29 and June 12 at Wynne Farmfest.