Saturday, May 01, 2010

RassleResults: SWA Alicia, AR 4.25.10

Sunday in Alicia, AR
1. Glenda Wilson Davidson Battle Royal for a shot at the title
Winner: Cody Only(Before this, cody also made a spill about that this whole show was to raise money for his aunt, who has cancer)
2. Big al vs Suicide vs TJ Wells
Winner: BIG AL
3. Fury vs Deadly Dale
Winner: Deadly Dale.. Asylum attacks, Idolbane and Cody make save, set up match for later LSD Deadly and Idol vs Asylum
4. Big Al VS Josh Cross
Winner: Al by dq
5. Asylum vs LSD
Winners: Asylum
6. Cody only vs Big Dog Harley
Winner: Cody Only, via DQ, LSD makes save and send crowd home happy