Monday, May 03, 2010

RassleResults: SWA Newport, AR 5.01.10

1. Big Al vs TJ Wells
Winner: TJ Wells with Spiked DDT.

2. JR Special vs "The One" Cody Only
Winner: Cody Only via DQ when Sam's Clan attacked Cody. Idol and Deadly made the save.

3. Tommy Drama(IC Champ) vs Josh Cross(US Champ)
Winner: Drama. Cross came out boasting about being the number 2 champ in SWA. Drama Disagreed and challenged Cross to a match then and there.

4. LSD(Idolbane/DeadlyDale) vs Irish Mafia(Scott Fury/Logan Adams)
Winners: LSD Via dq when Fury hit Idol with Sexy Sam's cane. The Irish Mafia continued beating on LSD, till they made a came back and beat them out of the ring.

5. Big Dog Harley(SWA Champ) vs Ray Ray
Winner: Big Dog Harley, when SWA owner, Big Sam, threw in the towel on Ray's behalf after Cujo locked in his Leg submission

----Is this Tommy Drama the LAW guy???...LSD vs Mafia was probably good. I like all four of those guys.