Sunday, May 23, 2010

Read Mark James' review of the new Memphis Wrestling show

Here's a link to Memphis Wrestling History's Mark James' review of "Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling that was taped Thursday night in Memphis.

I also received an email yesterday from someone involved with the show who took exception to yesterday's notes that the lighting and production was "horrible" and questioned my "journalistic integrity"... I do want to once again point out that I was not there and was not presenting this as end all statement of fact, merely the notes of a few people who passed them along.

The person did acknowledge that their were some production glitches but felt the lighting and audio were great and were unfairly criticized. I'm not gonna post the email mention the person by name because I haven't heard back from them yet but I have asked them to please send me their in depth review and thoughts on the show and I will post those here if I receive.

If you went to the show and have a differing view of the show than what's been presented here feel free to send it along to me at or post it in the RRO Forums.