Thursday, May 27, 2010

Results from the last ever EWE show in Ripley

The show started an hour late. There was a noticeable sense of irritability as the late starting. The comissioner Dylan came out, ordering Dustin Baker to the ring. Now as of the agreement Dustin had to wear a dress and stand at the door. So Dustin came out to the ring in his dress. The dress was rather flattering! After some humiliation there was a bit of a surpise in store. Derrick King, Chris O'Neal, Stan Lee, and Cody Melton came to the ring. It was one of the biggest pops I'd ever heard out of that crowd. You could hardly hear Derrick when he spoke into the mic the crowd was screaming so loud. Once the crowd did die down a bit so he could speak he spoke about the reasons why he was no longer at EWE as was the rest of the crew with him. All in all he, put the blame on Mr. JC White, and the crowd agreed. It was no secret that EWE was going down hill and there seemed to be little hope in site as star after star slowly left the show. Stan decided he needed to say a few words which were pretty much was summed up with a 'fuck you Mr. JC and kiss my ass' and then pulled down his pants and mooned the whole crowd. That I can tell you was a HUGE surprise. After that the show got underway.

The first match was(no idea what his first name is) Steele vs Biscuit. Now.. I'm pretty sure if anyone has seen seen Steele, he's a BIG dude. And if anyone has seen Biscuit, knows that boy needs to eat. To give Biscuit some credit it put up one heck of a fight but he was eventually pinned by Steele.

The second match was Steele against JR. Right as Biscuit is leaving the ring JR comes rushing out. Another huge pop from the crowd. It was a pretty quick match with JR managing to get the pin on Steele.
During the intermission Mr. JC White and his wife show up. They'd been missing from the action during the first part of the show, and decide that they are not going to let any of the people out to smoke during the intermission and if they leave they won't be able to get back inside. After some heated discussion they allowed the good people of Ripley to get in and out as they saw fit.

After JR and Steel's match Dustin Baker comes out explains that he is refusing to wear a dress and be humiliated by a child. Dylan comes out and explains that if he won't wear a dress, he was going to make him sit in the ring while the audience throws pies at him. Infuriated Dustin Baker leaves the ring and the next match starts.
Bishop and Motley come out and are going against Ike and Brian Steele. Brian and Ike come out and talk a little bit.. or more like a lot to the point Motley takes the mic and tells them it's time for them to start wrestling. The match starts of pretty slow at first. Motley starting out for the Juggernauts and Ike starting out for Rhythm and Blues. Bishop and Motley dominate the match after Brian Steel is tagged in. Keeping him well away from from his tag partner. The Juggernauts used a series of strategies to wear Brian down and keep the Ref from seeing any illegal stuff going on. Ike comes in and really gets some momentum going but in the end the Juggernauts wind up getting the pin.

The next match was Tatt2 escorted to the ring by Danielle vs Rude. Now if you've been following EWE at all, you'd know that for some reason Rude has just been all over Tatt2 and trying to beat the holy snot out of him for a little over a month now, if not longer. The match starts out with Tatt2 coming off the ropes, through the ropes this match was quick! If you blinked during this match you missed something and probably some awsome move at that. During the match however Rude finally revealed why he was so angry at Tatt2 and that reason was.... because he hugged his daughter. Rude did not want Tatt2 touching his daughter in ANY way apparently. Tatt2 did come out victorious in this match.

After the match there was an intermission of sorts. Dustin Baker came out to the ring and was made to get in the middle of it. They sold plates of whip cream at concessions and the fans lined up to smear it all over Dustin Bakers head. A lot of the fans lined up to do it 2 or 3 times, really getting some revenge in. Once it was all over with, a furious and probably very humiliated Dustin Baker starts ranting about how he isn't going to let a little kid tell him what to do. Well Alan Steele and Flash Flannigan come out to the ring. There was going to be a tag match between Alan Steel and Dustin Baker vs Flash Flannigan and the comissioner Dylan.
Now after the pie throwing contest there was another big surprise for the crowd. A bikini contest!

The contest was between Russia and Danielle. Who these girls are i have no idea. But they were both beautiful and the winner of the contest by loudest cheers from the crowd... Danielle.

The next match brought the roof off of the EWE building. Too Sexy Brian Christopher comes out to more screaming then Derrick and Tatt2 could ever imagine. The crowd went NUTS! Brian came out and talked about possibly trying to keep the wrestling going in Ripley. Said that Derrick King and the rest of his crew were 40 milers. Which means they don't travel outside of a 40 mile radius to wrestle. He asked Mr. JC if he would allow wrestling in the building if he got some legitimate contracts and such and Mr. JC said he would. An Even BIGGER pop from the crowd. I'm surprised these people had voices after all this. Brian would be met by Reggie. Brian and Reggie had a pretty quick yet fierce match with Brian Christopher getting the win over Reggie. The match was just some plain good old fashioned Memphis Wrestling right there, the good stuff.

The next match was V-Man and Officer Hutchenson vs CJ and Jon Michael aka Picture Perfect. CJ and Jon came out sporting some pretty interesting face paint. It was interesting... flattering.. ehh depends on who you talk to. The match started off pretty good. There was some great momentum from both sides. It wasn't a very long match with CJ getting the win via tap out using the Sharp Shooter.

JR then decides he wants to use his little ticket thing and take on CJ. In a hot minute CJ had JR locked up in a SharpShooter as well and JR tapped out.

The main event was Alan Steele and Dustin Baker vs Flash Flannigan and Dylan. This match was rather interesting. Flash stayed in the match throughout most of it, concidering Dylan was well 9 and didn't have a license to wrestle. Alan and Flannigan go for a test of strength and out of no where, Dylan crawls between Flash's legs and punches Alan in the stomach. This was then again tried to be repeated but with Dustin crawling through Alan's legs, which just wound up getting stomped on by Flash, hits Alan between the legs with his head and has the crowd laughing so hard their nearly in tears. Flash is worn down pretty hard in the match between Alan Steel and some help from Dustin Baker. However in a bit of last ditch momentum Flash grabs Dylan throws him at Alan who catches him, falls and winds up being pinned by Flash and Dylan.

Well it's the end of the show and Dustin is standing in the middle of the ring and he tells everyone 'thank you' for coming to the show so faithfully. All the guys from the back come out and get in the ring. Tatt2 takes the mic and thanks everyone for their support but that unfortunately Mayhem was the last night that there was going to be wrestling in Ripley, TN. He tried to explain everything the best he could without pointing fingers at anyone in particular, but the crowd wanted to know, what the reason was for shutting down EWE after being there in Ripley for 4 years. The reason EWE shut down was due to money issues. EWE was just not pulling in enough people to pay for the building, utilities and pay the wrestlers as well.

Now a question everyone asked was "If Mr. JC owns half of Ripley and made it seem like he had all this money, why couldn't he help put a little money into it, since he wanted to run the place anyways, instead of just being the landlord.?" That's a great question however one that probably will never be answered.

****Note from Gene****
Not sure who to credit this to as the email only had email address I didn't recognize and no name....but thanks for the report to the person who sent it.