Saturday, May 01, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 4.24.10

Show starts off the same with Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcoming everyone to the DCW Arena. Then the National Anthem plays and things get kicked out in the Dogg House...

Match 1: Ross vs Big Josh w/JB Hayes (one of the Gorillaz)
-Ross is really maturing in the ring, he is getting better and better each week! Josh was great as always and it is nice to see a big guy that is actually an athlete...Match does go back and forth for a while, but in the end Josh's big slam gets Ross...winner via pinfall Big Josh!!

Match 2: Ron McClarity vs PokerFace
-a great match from start to is amazing to see how both of these guys can put on a great match over and over again when they both haven't wrestled each other in months! This match was great, mixed with McClarity's technical ability and great ring experience matched with Poker's agility and athletic ability!! In the end, PokerFace uses something from his tights to get the win and PokerFace gets the 1-2-3 or does he....? Then Senior DCW official Tim Daniels finds PokerFace's object that he used to beat McClarity, so Tim Daniels re-starts the match...Then McClarity starts to take control of the match and then rolls Poker up for the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall Ron McClarity!! Def a match of the night candidate

Match 3: Jon Allen vs Pimp
-Match was fantastic...both of these guys really look good in the ring together! Jon Allen really is coming into his own as a superstar in DCW and Pimp is on his game as usual! Match went back and forth until Jon Allen takes control of the match by using his agility and quick moves...Then when Allen looks to have the match in control, JD Kerry comes out to distract Allen...then Pimp hits the HoeChecker!! Winner via pinfall Pimp...

-then Rick Ruby comes out to talk to Jeff Perryman about the Tejano Kid situation..Rick asked Jeff what was up with the DCW Board and Perryman tells Rick that they have been playing phone tag all week and since Tejano hasn't got the arena yet and he is running late tonite and Perryman tells Rick that he is going to make the phone call right now....

Match 4: Jazz vs Angeleena
-def a match of the night candidate...Angeleena is really coming into her own in the past few months! Jazz is great as is amazing to watch Jazz work a match, it is amazing how she can do some of the things she can do! Match goes back and forth until Angeleena rolls Jazz up and uses the ropes to get the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Angeleena!!

After the match, Jazz is heading back to the locker room when Rodney Mack comes out and picks her up to take her back in the ring...Then he proceeds to powerslam her in the ring leaving her lifeless in the middle of the DCW could hear a needle drop in the DCW Arena except when Rodney Mack starts laughing and gets some MAJOR heat....Then Rick Ruby comes out to help Jazz back to the locker room and asks Jeff Perryman what is going on buddy, but Jeff Perryman is on the phone...Perryman tells Ruby that Tejano is not coming tonight, because he felt like tonite would be an unsafe work environment! Perryman tells Ruby that lets put this on the back burner for a few days while we see how Jazz is going to be, but Perryman promises satisfaction from the DCW Board...

Main Event: Southside vs JD Kerry (for the DCW Heavyweight Championship)
-def a match of the night candidate...No words can describe how exciting this match was! Neither man could get the upper hand b/c the other man would not stay down..the match went back and forth, back and forth...Southside hits the the superkick but Kerry kicks out, Kerry hits the frog splash but Southside kicked out...neither man could keep the other one down! Kerry goes for a move, but Southside rolled Kerry up for the quick 1-2-3..winner via pinfall and still DCW Champion Southside Brawler!!

Show was good tonite with about 90 people there..Card from top to bottom was very good and gets better every week!

Biggest Pop: Jazz
Biggest Heat: Rodney Mack

Credit Jeff Perryman & DCW

----The Jazz/Mack angle in one way sounds exciting, but in another way - are the fans going to believe it or not?? They both live in the Jonesboro area, so it would hard to push them against each other. And, also, this group was drawing better numbers when Mack was the top face. Sometimes [and it usually is the opposite] when the top baby turns, the fans do not buy it. I can not tell you how OVER Mack was as a face. I have never ever seen a babyface get a reaction like that, especially during the RRO years [2006-2010].