Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Straight Flush "Sacrifices" by Pokerface

Sacrifices- Not sure if I have talked about this before, but it will not hurt to touch on it again. To be a success at anything, sacrifices have to made. Some small, then more times than not, some great. That's just life. If you're not willing to make those sacrifices, you aren't ready to reap the rewards.

In this business that I have chosen, I have given up some things. Nothing that can't be replaced. Honestly if I could go back I really don't think I would change a thing. Well, maybe except having my wrist broken. We often sacrifice time, effort, personal pleasures, and at times emotional peace of mind. But it's a necessary evil. I don't think we, at least on the independent level,  have it at as hard as wrestlers of yesteryear. But it can still be difficult nonetheless. It's emotional draining to scratch and claw to get to the next level and doors are constantly being shut in your face. It's frustrating to drive to a match to perform and make it back home with less in your pocket than what we started with. But that's the life that we've chosen. From personal experience, it's upsetting to be constantly told that you are too small, but yet a guy who is the same size or smaller gets a job.

A lot of us truly dedicated wrestlers for the most part don't have a personal life. Some of us work a job all week, and wrestle on the weekend. Therefore, "me" time is obsolete. We make sacrifices with our body. Overtime most of us move around like we are 20 years older than what we really are.Some of us may feel the need to resort to drugs for various reason. Which also has the potential of taking its toll on us physically. Some of us sacrifice starting a family. To a certain point, I can attest to that. Well I've yet to get married. Mainly because I feel it would hinder me. Some of our families have had to suffer because of our relationship with this business. So not only do we sacrifice, but our love ones also.The family I did have up until last year, I don't feel they really suffered. For years a lot of the times they would be with me on the road. So I can't blame it on the wrestling.

Like I said earlier, some sacrifices have to made. You can't really enjoy the bad times, if you don't know how to deal with the bad times. The sacrifices can help mold us into better, more appreciative performers. We can't have everything given to us on a silver platter. Sometimes you gone have it handed to you wrapped in shit, covered with mud, with a side of maggots. We at times have to sacrifice our pride. We get talked down to, get made fun of, ignored, taken for granted, overworked, underpaid, overlooked, and under appreciated. But like anything in life, once you've fought the war, victory is soooooooooo sweet.
Until next time, keep your pimp hand strong.