Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A.S.W.F. results for 6/12/10

We open tonight’s show with our co-commissioners Terrance Ward and Frank Martin and all three wrestlers involved discussing the fate of the ASWF heavyweight title. Cody Murdock lays claim to the #1 contender spot after defeating Christopher Lee last week. Austin Lane lays claim to a title shot tonight due to his rematch clause. Cason McClain argues that after a grueling match he should have the night off. The commissioners confer and decide the heavyweight title WILL be defended tonight in a Triple Threat match!!!

Since elections are upon us Frank Martin decides ASWF needs an election of its own. Immediately following the legends show fans will begin voting for who they want to be the sole commissioner of ASWF!

1st Match

Hot Rod v. Seth Saber

Hot Rod and Seth Saber open the show tonight in a lightning fast exhibition of finesse and expertise. Seth took it to Hot Rod early on in the match displaying why he is the #1 contender for the X-Division title. Hot Rod turned the tables using his usual underhanded tactics. Seth seemed to have the match won when Current X-Division champion Mike Anthony’s music played distracting Seth allowing Hot Rod to claim a quick roll up pin. Seth seemed to lose it and began dishing out punishment on Hot Rod before he made a quick escape to the locker room.

2nd Match

Loose Cannon v. Lee Michaels

Loose Cannon entered the arena claiming he was looking for someone. He then threatened to tear the building down if “he” didn’t show his face. The current European Champion, Lee Michaels, hit the ring and went on the offensive taking the upper hand early on in the match using his speed and quickness to keep Loose Cannon off guard. Loose Cannon took control after a vicious thumb to the eyes. Cannon would dominate the champ until Lee utilized his quickness to defend his European Championship.

3rd Match

Reggie Montgomery v. Vinnie Romano

Reggie Montgomery took control of the match against his smaller opponent with a vicious onslaught of power and fury. Vinnie Romano made a valiant effort ducking a huge clothesline and lighting up Reggie before being hit by the Cracker Breaker.

4th Match

Johnny Hawk v. Leprechauns

Johnny Hawk jumped the Leprechauns from behind prior to the opening bell. Using a variety of foreign objects behind the referee’s back. Hawk kept screaming for a rematch with Boogie Woogie Valiant. Hawk screamed out to the crowd that he would cripple the Leprechauns if not granted his rematch. Utilizing a new submission move Hawk managed to force both Leprechauns to tap out. In a surprise move Co-Commissioner Terrance Ward reversed the decision when Hawk refused to relinquish the hold.

5th Match

Rik Burton v. Christopher Lee

Rik quickly asserted himself as the powerhouse of this match tossing Christopher clear across the ring. Christopher Lee quickly switched tactics as he began utilizing submission holds against the stronger opponent. After several attempts to free himself Rik Burton stopped Christopher Lee in his tracks with a thumb to the eyes. Rik Burton dominated the match using his power and size to keep Lee on the mat. Christopher Lee made a quick comeback at the end of the match only to be decimated by a chain causing Burton to lose the match via disqualification.

6th Match

CCR v. American Degenerates

Xcalibur agreed to a rematch tonight even with his injured knee. CCR quickly exploited the injured Xcalibur keeping him in the ring and isolating him from his tag team partner. Morgan called for the crowd getting them behind his injured partner. Xcalibur eventually manages to make the tag and bring Morgan into the fray. Morgan secured the win after surprising Wild Bill with a sunset flip.


Cody Murdock v. Cason McClain v. Austin Lane

All three competitors showed why they are at the top of the roster at ASWF. This was a nonstop action ride with Cason, Austin, and Cody pulling out all the stops. Austin managed to pull out the win and discover who the 4th competitor would be in next week’s match. The announcement then came down that Brian Christopher would be here and in the main event! Join us next for for another night of action packed wrestling.