Monday, June 07, 2010

ASWF results from Valiant Arena this weekend

All Star Wrestling Federation(ASWF) returned to the Valiant Arena one week after the historic PAYBACK event. 250+ fans came out even with the huge PORTFEST festival just 10 miles down the road in Jacksonport, AR.

Big Rig Cody Murdoch opened the show saying that he deserved a rematch with Austin Lane for the ASWF Championship since Cason McClain's "Hit Stick" defeated him at PAYBACK instead of Austin's spear. Cason McClain came out and stated that since he wasn't pinned at Payback, he deserved the title shot. The crowd erupted when Austin Lane came out and stated he wouldn't back down from either of them and he didn't care if they had another three way match this week. ASWF Commishioner Terrence Ward came out and stated that Murdoch will face Christopher Lee in a #1 contenders match and the winner faces the champion next week. Ward then made the Main Event, ASWF Championship Match between Austin Lane and the Walking Miracle Cason McClain.

The opening match saw the debut of Slick Rick Burton defeating Sancho Libre in a matter of 90 seconds. Burton won with a big boot that took the popular Sancho's head off. When asked for an interview, Burton just walked away.

In the second match Wrestling Legend Reggie Montgomery was caught using a chain and disqualified against ASWF Euro Champion Lee Michaels. Montgomery stated that Mike Titan had quit the wrestling business because of his Hillbilly Heritage.

In the third match ASWF X Division Champion Mike Anthony defeated Seth Sabor by DQ. Anthony brought in his Nunchucks but missed Sabor. Sabor then kicked the Champion and grabbed the nunchucks. Sabor was then caught with the weapon and DQ'd even though he never used them. Sabor then flipped out. Sabor beat Anthony within an inch of his life. Sabor layed the champion onto the announcers table and climbed to the top rope to drive the champ through. While referees, security, and announcers tried to keep Seth from jumping, Mike Anthony rolled off the table and left to the locker room.

In the fourth match Loose Cannon defeated the returning Zack Hanson. Hanson got a nice crowd reation. Cannon kept up with the young star until pulling off the win.

In the fifth match Johnny Hawk and Hot Rod defeated the Lethal Leprechauns via pinfall. The Leprechauns came up short, but put up a good showing against the ASWF Hall Of Famers.

In the #1 Contenders Match, Cody Murdoch with Athena Eclipse defeated Christopher Lee to face the champion next week. Athena kept sticking her nose in the match until it finally cost the former X Division Champion as he fell to the "Flat Bed." Murdoch then stated that next week, "Austin Lane and the ASWF Championship will be mine!"

In the Semi Main, the Crazed Country Rebels challenged the American Degenerates for their tag team title shot. Morgan Williams came out and stated that his brother, X Kaliber, was still injured thanks to CCR. Commishioner Ward stated that one of the Rebels could face Williams tonight, but the titles couldn't be defended until X Kaliber is cleared. Williams hit the "Muscle Cutter" on Wild Bill for the three count, but Demon X stated that noone ever said Williams would be facing Wild Bill. His opponent was actually Demon X. Demon X took advantage of the wore down Williams, hitting the powerbomb for the win.

In the Main Event #1 Contender Cody Murdoch sit at ringside to scout his opponent. After an epic match that could be up for Match Of The Year, Cason McClain hit the "Hit Stick" on Austin Lane and turned Lane inside out to capture the ASWF Championship.

Portfest drew near 10,000 fans only 10 miles from Tuckerman. ASWF still drew 250+ just one week after drawing 400+ for the Payback event. Loose Cannon has impressed ASWF management by delivering two really good matches since joining company. ASWF announced "Return Of The Legends" on June 19th featuring "Dirty" Dutch Mantell, King Cobra, "Outlaw" Don Bass, Hollywood Jimmy, and "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. The Main Event drew several "This Is Awesome!" chants from the crowd. Several fans, wrestlers, and announcers called it the best match in the Valiant Arena in a LONG time. The crowd was LOUD during the whole show. After the Main Event, both McClain and Lane recieved a standing ovation from the crowd for what they had just seen.