Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheap Heat..."Putting it Over" by Gene Jackson

First off I wanna welcome back B.T. to the site.....let me just say I don't envy his job one bit and I know I didn't do a good job running the site but I just don't have the time to keep it updated like it needs to be so it's great that he has returned refreshed and ready to get RRO up and running again.

I read his column about "going into business for yourself" this morning and it inspired me to go ahead and write one that's been rattling around in my head for a few days (although I do have several stories of me "going into business for myself but I'll save them for another time)....that revolves around another wrestling term.

The phrase "putting over" in wrestling terms is usually looked upon as someone reacting positively to something in angle, a promo, a match, a gimmick...whatever. If someone goes and writes something good about your match the worker will say...."they put me over"..... However in today's society where being critical is always the "cool" thing to do....most times someone reacting badly to something will often times "put it over" more than something positive.....for example.

If you've been over to the bathroom wall recently (the hollywood jimmy message board).... I'm sure you've read the pages of hatred spouted towards Danny B. and Anton Leveigh for some promo they put on generally I could give a shit about some worked promo that someone posts online but with all the fuss over it I had to go see what it was all about.

So was the promo good? sucked actually. (No offense to Danny or Anton, I like them both but there was some ridiculous shit in the promo) However....what is the point of wrestlers doing a "promo"? Promo is short for PROMOTION.....a promo is to promote one's self....or match...or show....or what do you want to accomplish? You want to get people's attention right? You want to get people talking....right? Now had they did your run of the mill, "On Saturday we're gonna be at the CWA in blah, blah taking on blah, blah and I want all the peoples to be there".....who would have cared? Probably no one......throw in a few controversial lines and a little profanity and now you've got three pages of people talking on the bathroom wall......are they talking GOOD about it....NO! Are they "PUTTING IT OVER"? YES! Whether they like it or not all the talk they are doing is putting it over, people who would have NEVER known it existed have now seen it.

So, what the assholes who post on message boards don't realize is.....the more time they spend typing someone's name over and over on a message board....the more they are putting that person's name out there......and the more that person is on people's regardless of their intent they are in fact PUTTING THAT PERSON OVER.... So please read this and go talk shit about it on Jimmy's site all ya don't even have to post a link...people know where to find it. The funny thing is when BT handed the site over to me.....the minute people went and started talking shit about "I can't believe BT let a MARK run his website"....the hits INSTANTLY go ahead message board jerk offs.....put ME over!!

I hope to be back in a day or so to talk about some of the recent goings on.....I have some opinions about the recent events in WWE and some thought's on JERRY LAWLER'S Memphis sure to read it.....and tell a friend!

Cheap Heat is a randomly featured column here at RRO. Gene Jackson is a writer, former (and sometimes current) pro wrestler, radio talk show host, announcer, color comentator, comedian, and all around swell guy.....He has a loyal following of readers and fans but is generally disliked by most due to his smart ass, arrogant, sarcastic, and sometimes unnecessarily mean writings and rants on his bi-yearly radio show. if you would like to contact him to voice your displeasure or heaven forbid say something positive he can be reached at