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D-Rock's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.12.10

----Well, since I posted my report and a link to George Wren's report, I thought I should go ahead and share D-Rock's report. LOL

They've added a new intro featuring highlights from Jerry Lawler's illustrious career.

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins opened the show, telling us what we could expect from week two of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Video of WWE's Bella Twins saying, "You're watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling."

Metro Moto Commercial featuring Jerry Lawler riding a scooter and saying, "You know, I've won one hundred twenty-six championships, been to sixteen WrestleManias, but the most fun I have is riding this baby, right here, from Metro Moto, right here in Memphis, Tennessee on Poplar Avenue!"

Video of Bert Prentice, sitting in his dressing room. Bert tore up an old picture of Jerry Lawler and said he's here for one reason. Bert elaborated that his quest in life is to make sure that Jerry Lawler does not win The Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Bert Prentice joined Brandon Baxter for commentary.

1st Match-Matt Boyce defeated Derrick King with a small package to advance in the Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Video of WWE Champion John Cena saying, "Hey! What's up? This is John Cena and your watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling. Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling? That's what we're going with? It's Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling? Who the hell does this guy think he is? Vince McMahon doesn't call it Vince McMahon's WWE! I'm done here!"

They showed highlights from Koko B. Ware's WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Following the video, Brandon Baxter welcomed the latest WWE Hall of Famer, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. Koko came out and was talking about how being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame was the greatest thing to ever happen to him and flashed his Hall of Fame ring. Koko thanked all the fans from all over the world and gave all the credit to Jerry Lawler for making him and giving him an opportunity. Koko stated, "If it wasn't for Jerry Lawler, I wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame." Derrick King interrupted, saying enough about these Hall of Fames. Derrick added, "Last week, it was Jerry Lawler's Hall of Fame! This week, it's Koko B. Ware's Hall of Fame! Won't you guys just sit at home! This is suppose to be new Memphis Wrestling! New! Everything New! They got a new announcer, but we still got all the has-been wrestlers. I have watched you, Lawler and everybody else for a long time. The day has come for there to be a new King in Memphis Wrestling! It's Derrick King! Not you, Koko B. Ware! Not Jerry Lawler! Not any of those people, anymore! Nobody else! It's time for young people to do this, OK? You should be at home, somewhere, watching wrestling!" An intense staredown followed with Koko telling Derrick, "You listen to me real, real good. I done forgot a lot more than you ever will learn, but any day, Jack, you wanna get your butt inside that ring, you bring it on! Cause I'll kick your butt from one end of that ring to the other! Because you nothing, but a punk to me! And you know what? Your breath smells just like a baby! You better pay your dues! If you would have paid your dues, you wouldn't be out here talking. Young buck, I'm telling you. Grab a hold."

Video of The Brooklyn Brawler saying, "Hey, Memphis! This is The Brooklyn Brawler from the WWE! Your watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling!

Stan Lee & Cody Melton defeated Premiere Brutality ('3G' Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels) in a good back and forth match. Eric Wayne had Cody Melton rolled up, but as the ref's back was turned, Stan Lee ran in kicking Eric and opened the door for Cody Melton to roll up Eric to get the win.

Video of Jillian Hall saying, "Hi, I'm Jillian from WWE and you're watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling. King, I'm still waiting on you to invite me to come sing!"

Lauren Jenkins welcomed us back with the Super Star Hotline segment of the show, which was brought to you by Tax Solutions.

Video of Bret Hart saying, "Hey, this is Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Life's full of little surprises. You know, no one thought I would come back to WWE, but things happen. I just heard that Memphis Wrestling is back in action and that's going to be a great thing to see it back. So many guys got there start there. I know I started there, years ago, and wrestled there with my brother, Owen. You know, I think it's a great thing. A lot of young guys will get a chance to show their skills and there's always the big league, WWE, waiting on them. So all the best to everybody in Memphis and Memphis Wrestling good for you. Back on top!"

Footage of Jerry Lawler's recent match against Edge that took place a couple weeks ago at a WWE houseshow at the FedExForum. Edge won the match with a spear after jabbing Lawler in the mid-section with a steel chair. Following the match, Edge imitated Lawler, by acting like he pulled the strap down and climbed the turnbuckle. Edge missed the fist drop and Lawler hit Edge with his signature piledriver.

Video of Evan Bourne saying, "This is WWE Superstar Evan Bourne and you're watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling! And hey King, I would love to see you try that Airbourne press, tonight! C'Mon just give it a shot! Go for it! You can do it! Fly high, King!"

Main Event-Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White and Max Steele, with my favorite WWE Developmental Diva, Su Yung and "The Luscious" Elizabeth at ringside-Referee Downtown Bruno-"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock joined Brandon Baxter for commentary. Lawler and Christopher picked up the win after "The Luscious" Elizabeth, accidently, overthrew her high heel to Brian Christopher instead of Max Steele. Brian Christopher blasted Max Steele with it and got the three count. Following the match, Su Yung and "The Luscious" Elizabeth had a heated altercation that resulted in a smoking hot catfight.

Brandon Baxter announced that, next week, there is a rumor that Derrick King has something big in store for Koko B. Ware.

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