Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Golden Circle: ALL HAIL THE OVERLORD by Greg Anthony

Wrestling is a business where proximity plays a big part. During the territory days, when each had their own stars, someone who might be the biggest star in Memphis may as well be named Joe Blow when he goes to Portland.The same goes for our goals.If you grew up in Atlanta then being apart of the NWA but If you grew up here then being a part of Memphis Wrestling was always something you wanted to acheive, more so than any other territory branded local tv show. Because it was what you grew up on, and now you would have an opportunity to shine. Sometimes things don't go as planned.

Memphis had two top notch federations in the early 2000s, Power Pro Wrestling and WWF(E) developmental Memphis Championship Wrestling. When WWE pulled its developmental deal from MCW, MCW then joined with Power Pro. However it wasn't long before Power Pro itself became a thing of the past. I was working for Sir Mo in Mid America Championship Wrestling at The Dyersburg Entertainment Center, when it was brought up of Jerry Lawler and crew using DEC and most of MACW talent on what would be the next version of Memphis Wrestling. It was a huge opportunity for us young guys. Only a few years in the business and to be on such a program.

We taped every other Wednesday night and the show's time slot was 11am Saturday morning. I remember being so excited after that first taping, like "Wow", I'm going to be on Memphis Wrestlng. I was living by myself at the time and couldn't afford cable so I went over to my Grandma's house to watch the show that morning. I was in a tag match with Bitty Little and was making myself a drink when Cory Maclin made the opening announcements. I reallly wasn't paying attention and I heard him say "Bitty Little and ?????" I didn't make out what he had said but I knew it didn't sound like Golden Boy. So I watched the match and Bitty tagged me in and Corey said "And here comes Overlord!!". WTF!! I'm sorry, did he just call me Overlord? My heart sank.

I didn't know what to do or how to feel. I mean did he really think my name was Overlord? Golden Boy.. Overlord.. yeah that rhymes. Or was it a rib by someone on him, which really was a rib on me.. or a rib on us both? I soon got over it, big whoop, he called me the wrong name but then I went to the show that night and the boys couldn't resist calling me Overlord ALL NIGHT LONG. When something really bothers me and I've run out of whitty comebacks.. I usually repeat "F**k you" over and over.

Its just one of those funny little stories of when the business provides a little comic relief. Worse things couldn't have happened, like they really wanted me to be called Overlord, like when they wanted to call Flair.. Spartacus. I made it out of that night alive and with my sanity. Just remember you never know what lerking in the shadows or in Cory Maclin's commentary... All Hail Overlord!!!