Saturday, June 26, 2010

IWA Championship Wrestling TV; Reno Diamond becomes #1 Contender for the IWA Heavyweight Championship:

What: IWA Championship Wrestling TV

When: June 26, 2010 (taped June 19,2010) on WPXX 50 (ION NETWORK)

Where: Southaven, MS. @ The IWA Arena

Referee: Adam Bell

Color Commentary: Jason Hall

By: George Wren - email private

The opening montage aired

Highlights aired of the following from last week:

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) v. Jason Steele & Xander Raines where Asylum got the win

Full Deck (Ace & Joker) w/ Reggie B. Fine cut a promo with a barbeque grill saying they are going to have a cookout and that everyone was going to get a piece what they was cooking up.
Ace asked Joker & Reggie to lift the top of the grill and inside was a plastic gas can, and Kayte(the doll of Psycho).. The heels teased to catch Kayte on fire until The Asylum made the save.
The heels then did a beat down on the faces(Asylum)... Reggie then beats Kayte with a chair.

Reno Diamond v. Samoan Raja v. Chris Lexx
where Raja blackhole slammed Diamond for the win.

SnS (Syn & Stunner) v. Blalock the Blazer/Antwane Wise
Blalock superkicked Syn for the pin. The heels (Blalock/Wise) beatdown the faces until Precious made the save. Blalock low bridged Precious and the heels continue the beat down.

Jason Hall opens the show and welcomes everyone.

(1) IWA Television Champion Chris Lexx v. Xander Raines
Lexx and Raines lock up. Raines backs Lexx into the ropes as they did the colliding with one another a few times. After the third attempt Lexx tells Raines to come off the ropes and Raines did and Lexx trips him. Lexx is now in control of the match. Raines quickly goes for the rack of the eyes to take control of the match. Raines goes for a boot to the face but misses. Raines quickly takes Lexx to the mat and starts choking him. Raines goes to the second rope for a splash but misses as Lexx moves out of the way. Lexx now goes to the top rope and delievers a frogsplash for the win.
WINNER: Chris Lexx

(2)Ace (Full Deck) w/ Reggie B. Fine v. 1/2 of the IWA Tag Team Champion Syn
Both lock up and Ace pushes Syn into the corner and paint brushes him. Both lock up again and Ace has a side headlock on Syn. Ace quickly takes a powder to the floor. Ace gets back in the ring and he and Syn basically go back and forth. Both do a test of strength when Ace delivered a right hand to Syn. Ace gets the attention of Referee Adam Bell while Reggie gets the heat on Syn. Ace delivers a back suplex for a near fall. Ace delivers a spinbuster on Syn. Ace quickly goes for a choke on Syn. Ace delievers a brainbuster but only gets a two count. Ace delivers a russian leg sweep but then paces around the ring(bad move stay on your opponent at all times even if you have to go for a chin lock or sleeper hold on the mat to catch your breath better then pacing around the ring) Syn takes control with a spin heel kick to only get a two count. Reggie jumps on the apron as Referee Adam Bell tries to get Reggie down off the apron Ace low blows Syn. Ace delivers a spin into a sat down powerbomb for the pin. After the match Joker comes out (Ace's tag team partner known as Full Deck) ... All three heels do a beatdown on Syn.

IWA Heavyweight Champion Antwane Wise (the former Carnage Antwane) comes out all decked out in a suit and sats in on color commentary with Jason Hall.

(3)Reno Diamond won a Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the IWA Heavyweight Championship
Those in the battle royal were: The Crime, Sniper(Charlie Parks), Chris Lexx, Drew Donovan, Suicide (not to be confused with the TNA version), Ace, Malik, Joker, Psycho, Xander Raines, Pappy, Beyond, Syn, Reno Diamond, Blalock the Blazer, Mr. Brooks, Precious, Samoan Raja, Bishop
WINNER: Reno Diamond

Jason Hall tries to close the show but you can barely hear him because of the music in the background.

Antwane Wise did a beat down on Diamond and powerbombed him off a estimated 5 foot stage.

Hall finally closes the show where you can hear him.

NOTES: Postive review on the opening montage (looked really good), 11 minutes of highlights that aired last week is way too long..The name graphics gives the product a good look so when the guys come out their name shows up on the screen... Glad to see they moved Reggie away from the color commentary with Jason Hall because you can only hear so much of Reggie on the mic. He's alot better doing the managing gig then on the mic.... The PR could be a little better but by far better then the PR Lawler is using on Memphis Championship Wrestling..IWA is coming off their big show that took place June 25th billed as "Verdict" in Southaven, MS with results is as follows with no titles changing hands Suicide(c) b Mr. Brooks b Beyond in a Triple Threat to retain the Light Heavyweight Championship, Samoan Raja b Malik, SnS (Syn & Stunner) b Full Scale (Xander Raines & Jason Steele)w/ Tara Mari to retain the the tag titles after Raines turned on Steele), Chris Lexx(c) b. The Crime to retain the Television Championship, Full Deck (Ace &Joker) w/ Reggie B. Fine b The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) in a Anything Goes Match, Antwane Wise b Precious to retain the Heavyweight Championship - (Credit Results: D-Rock) .... Antwane Wise is the former Carnage Antwane... Precious is doing a drag gimmick... Samoan Raja is a black african american doing a samoan gimmick (la la Rikishi the late Umaga) has a pretty nice look. I would push him as far as being a killer heel where he runs through some of the talent (or start building around the guy)... The reason why this guy is held back is bacause he dosen't have his head on shoulders as far the business goes... IWA aires on the same channel WPXX 50 that Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling aires on with a 1:00 timeslot... Direct tv has it listed as a Paid Programming.. Guys your not going to get the word out there and your viewers if it's not listed in the guide.... Never been too big on the one liner names(come on guys let's get a last name half of the talent has only a single one liner name.... IWA does tv tapings every Saturday at 2:30 and airs the following week.... In the battle royal they had music playing in the background which took away from the battle royal (should try to wing away from that direction with the music espeically during a match). The beat downs are taking way too long get in there and get your point acorss or get your "heat" and get out. Every match dosen't need a beat down either (it's basically with a "juice" situation if three people has already showed color then the main angle that needs to show color dosen't really tell anything same goes for the beat down.)
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