Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling TV; Jerry Lawler v. Tommy Mercer; Andy Kauffman gets brought back up in a angle:

What: Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling
When: July 26, 2010 (taped July 17, 2010) on WPXX 50 (ION Network)
Where: Memphis, TN @ The Vine (free show)... fourth show
Referee: Downtown Bruno (a.k.a. Harvey Wippleman)
Color Commentary: Brandon Baxter & Lauren Jenkins
By: George Wren - email private

The opening montage aired of a freeze fame saying Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling with Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" theme in the background

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins opened the show and welcomed everyone to the fourth edition of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling. While Baxter was talking it cut into a Tiffany promo

Tiffany (from WWE) plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling (was the same promo from June 19th report)

Jenkins & Lawler cut a promo backstage. Lawler hyped a new segment titled "Flashback"
A younger "Superstar" Bill Dundee cuts a promo (circa 88-89) and introduces Jed Grundy (Soloman Grundy)

Bill Dundee /Jed Grundy v. Rough & Ready w/ Boss Winters
Was just your typical Saturday morning squash match. (You miss the quality and production and how the business was then compared to what you get today) .. Grundy pins Rough with a splash

Rowdy Roddy Piper plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling (was the same promo from June 19th report)

Commerical Break:

A video package aired of Matt Boyce titled "Spotlight" on Matt Boyce (which aired matches of Boyce against Max Steele, Derrick King, & Brian Christopher) ... Was only highlights no music video

It's been 16 minutes into the show and no matches

Matt Boyce cuts a promo backstage saying he is 3-0. Boyce puts over Derrick King & Brian Christopher. Boyce said he is on his way to the finals of the Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Mean Gene Okerlund plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling (same promo from June 19th report)

Commerical Break:

Brandon Baxter cuts a promo backstage callin the segment "Star Hotline" which featured Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett cut a promo saying he got his start in Memphis. He said Memphis Wrestling is the heartbeat of the business (Has anyone told Jeff it's not USWA anymore? It's totally a different product)... Jeff said a old friend contacted him (Lawler) and wanted him to be a part of Memphis Championship Wrestling.

Jerry Lawler cuts a promo hyping the upcoming Summerslam pay-per-view. Highlights aired of John Cena v. Randy Orton (Summerslam Aug 26, 2007) where Cena retains the WWE Championship with the "F-U"

It's been 30 minutes and all we have seen is promos and highlights.

John Cena plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling (same promo that has aired for the last 3 weeks). Cena says " Your watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling... Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling? Is that what we are gonig with?
Who does this guy think he is? Vince Mcmahon dosen't call WWE Vince Mcmahon's WWE. Cena said whatever I am done.

Commerical Break:

Actor Tom Savini (known for his work in Friday the 13th, Night of the Living Dead, & Dawn of the Dead) cuts a promo on Lawler. Savini said Lawler killed his good friend Andy Kauffman (highlights is shown Lawler piledriving Kauffman) and that he is going to get someone to take care of Lawler for his actions.

Tommy Mercer cut a promo backstage. Mercer said Savini is paying him to take Lawler out.

Sheamus cut a promo (same promo that has aired for the last few weeks) plugging Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling. "You are watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling"... "I don't know why you are but you are".

Commerical Break:

During the commerical break a commerical aired plugging "Nightmare" Ken Wayne's School of Wrestling in West Memphis, Arkansas

Jerry Lawler cut a promo ripping on actor Tom Savini. Lawler said he use to consider Savini a friend. Lawler said he understands Savini is sending down Tommy Mercer to try to take him out. Lawler said he never heard of Mercer.

Jerry Lawler comes to the ring to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"... Baxter said Lawler is giving back to the community by relaunching Memphis Wrestling.

Jerry Lawler v. Tommy Mercer (Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament)
Jenkins sat in on color commentary with Baxter during the match. Lawler and Mercer lock up but Mercer delivers a bodyslam. They lock up again but Mercer picks Lawler and carries hm around the ring before delievering another bodyslam. Baxter states Lawler and Mercer both want the Southern Heavyweight Championship. So I am assuming this match is part of the tournament (because it was not announced it was just besides Baxter making the comment he did). Mercer hotdogs to the crowd. Mercer and Lawler lock up again but Lawler takes Mercer to the corner and delievers a right hand to Mercer but it dosen't phase Mercer. Lawler repeats the corner and fist gig again which dosen't phase Mercer. Mercer and Lawler lock up and Mercer takes Lawler to the corner and delievers a right hand of his own. Throughout the match Baxter puts Mercer over. Lawler tries to make a comeback and delievers kicks to the midsection of Mercer put still does not affect Mercer. Mercer delievers a ax handle off the top rope to Lawler. Mercer is now playing with the crowd. Mercer goes to the top rope again but Lawler catches him coming off the top rope. Lawler quickly delievers a kick, and a piledriver to get the win.
WINNER: Jerry Lawler

Baxter & Jenkins closes the show thanking everyone for tuning in.

NOTES: Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels also works for Brian Thompson's Ringside Championship Wrestling in Arkansas as Premiere Brutality.... Ratings for 6/19 did a .1 (1620 viewers credit: Brian Tramel... These guys are going ot have to step it up to get any reasonable rating)... At the 6/17 tv tapings Josephus debuted (who has the full look of the late Bruiser Brody) I would have just came up with a better name then Josephus especially with the look maybe something on the lines of Jack Brody, John Brody, Ron Brody, Randy Brody, Harley Brody.. Will be interesting to see if Lawler uses him correctly (name change for one) and how long he sticks around... Only other guy I ever seen that resembled Brody was Ron Powers from Missouri that also worked as Brodie Powers.... Lawler needs to look into the name graphics so when the talent comes out it shows their name it makes the product more presentable as well as more professional... The PR needs more work... No Bert Prentice, and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock" this week... The video package on Boyce I would have made a music video on instead of showing the same matches... The finish with Lawler v. Mercer was terrible with Mercer taking all Lawler has to give as far as punches, and kicks and all of sudden one kick puts Mercer down... Made Mercer look real weak to have just earlier been a monster heel type... Last week I said Mercer has potential and has a nice look hopefully Lawler will use this kid correctly and he will stick around.... Need to start pushing your talent more then putting yourself (Lawler) over if this is a new era then it needs to show. You can only show highlights of Andy Kauffman for so long (there is no reason to even bring this up).. I am surprise the footage even works for all the times it's been played like so many other old footage that has been showed so many times throughout the years. Focus more on your talent and leave stuff like this alone.

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