Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling Ratings for first show

The first edition of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling from last Saturday morning scored a .3 rating in the fourth quarter with 4,858 viewers. The first three quarters of the show did not register any viewers, so the average was approximately 1,215 viewers per quarter. Below is D-Rock's report of the show from www.WrestlingNewsCenter.com.

Kiss FM's Brandon Baxter kicked off the very first show alongside the beautiful new ring announcer, Lauren Jenkins. Brandon announced that they've got a bunch of stuff, coming up, this morning including Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher and Kevin White.

Video of WWE Champion John Cena saying, "Hey! What's up? This is John Cena and your watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling. Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling? That's what we're going with? It's Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling? Who the hell does this guy think he is? Vince McMahon doesn't call it Vince McMahon's WWE! I'm done here!"

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock joined Brandon Baxter for commentary.

Opening Match-Matt Boyce vs Max Steele, who was accompanied by "The Luscious" Elizabeth-Referee was Downtown Bruno-Prior to the match, Max announced, "Starting this morning on Memphis Wrestling, he will have the longest undefeated streak ever, starting with this punk, right here!" Brandon Baxter noted that a lot of the country stars in Nashville, such as Toby Keith and Tanya Tucker have come out to watch Matt Boyce wrestle. Brandon added that Boyce is actually one of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's hottest rising stars in the country. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he don't like the name, Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling and made a suggestion that maybe they need to call it, Hollywood's Memphis Wrestling. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he's looking at all the talent and wants to form The Hollywood Clique. "Hollywood" said he's impressed with Max Steele and could take him to the top. Matt Boyce leaped off the top, hitting Steele with a crossbody. Referee Downtown Bruno made a three count and called for the bell, but "Luscious" Elizabeth had placed Max Steele's foot on the rope. Downtown Bruno restarted the match, with Max Steele nailing Matt Boyce with a spear. Max Steele covered Matt Boyce to get a three count, but when Boyce draped his foot on the rope "Luscious" Elizabeth knocked it off. After hearing what transpired, Referee Downtown Bruno reversed the decision and awarded Matt Boyce with the victory. Max Steele chased Downtown Bruno out of the ring. "Hollywood" Jimmy left with Max Steele.

Video of WWE's Bella Twins saying, "Your watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling."

Lauren Jenkins welcomed us back to Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling and showed us footage of when Jerry Lawler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

Brandon Baxter introduced the WWE Hall of Famer and the man, who the company is named after, Jerry "The King" Lawler. Jerry said he's so excited about this inaugural show and they're back every Saturday morning at eleven o'clock on Channel 50. When asked, "Why is it Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling?" Jerry responded, by saying, "I woke up, one Saturday morning, and turned on my tv and there was no wrestling." Jerry said, "This is not right for Saturday mornings to happen in Memphis without wrestling!" So that's why he took it upon himself and spared no expense in starting this new venture. Jerry announced that they are bringing back the old, original Southern Heavyweight Championship. Jerry Lawler introduced Mr. Guy Coffee and Mr. Buddy Wayne, who had the original Southern Heavyweight Championship belt with them. Lawler said that Mr. Coffee and Buddy Wayne will be the new commissioners in this new organization. A tournament was announced to crown a new Southern Heavyweight Champion. Jerry Lawler warned the new guys, "If you want to be the new Southern Heavyweight Champion. If you want to be the guy to knock this king off the throne. You're gonna have to fight, claw, scratch and earn it because I'm officially putting my name in this tournament to become the new Southern Heavyweight Champion, again!"

Video of The Miz saying, "What's up! This is Your Chick Magnet, The Miz, and you're watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling. And you know, Jerry, that show would have been a lot better in Cleveland."

Jerry Lawler and Lauren Jenkins talking about how The Miz lost the United States Championship to R-Truth a couple weeks ago on RAW. We take a look back at that match from RAW.

Lauren Jenkins welcomed us back with the Super Star Hotline segment of the show, which was brought to you by Tax Solutions. This week, they tried to get in touch with Jerry Lawler's broadcasting partner from WWE Monday Night RAW, Michael Cole.

Video of Michael Cole, preparing for Monday Night RAW, without Jerry Lawler, whom he said does no preparation. Michael Cole addressed his latest situation with Daniel Bryan. Michael Cole was disappointed that Jerry "The King" Lawler was nowhere to be found when he was assaulted by Daniel Bryan. Michael Cole said, "Now, let me tell you something about Jerry The King Lawler. All you folks think he's witty, that's he's a comedian, that he's the best color analyst in the history of sports entertainment. Hogwash! I write Jerry The King Lawler's notes. I give him his one-liners. I help get him through a show. When he's drawing Batman cartoons on his papers, at ringside, I'm making sure he's still paying attention. Nonetheless, I just wanted to say to The King, Thanks for nothing!"

Video of Sheamus saying, "This is Sheamus, The Celtic Warrior. Former WWE Champion and you're watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling. I don't know why you're watching it, but you are."

Main Event-"Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, managed by my favorite WWE Developmental Diva, Su Yung-Referee Downtown Bruno-Before the match, Kevin White called Brian, "a habitual liar" and accused Brian of being, "a womanizer and a woman beater." Kevin White brought out Max Steele to serve as his special enforcer and to protect the lovely Su Yung from danger. Bert Prentice joined Brandon Baxter for commentary during this contest. Throughout the match, Su Yung interfered every chance she could. Match ended in a disqualification when Su Yung and Max Steele jumped in, attacking Brian Christopher. Jerry "The King" Lawler ran in to make the save and even the sides. Lawler and Christopher cleared the ring.

Jerry Lawler ended the show, by thanking everyone for joining them for the very first edition of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling. Don't forget, they will be back, each and every Saturday morning at 11am on Channel 50. Next week, they've got a lot in store with "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher, Matt Boyce, Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, More WWE Superstars and we're gonna check out the new WWE Hall of Famer, Koko B. Ware. Don't forget to check out all the sponsors that include:

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Jerry Lawler thanked everyone and reminded everyone to watch next Saturday morning at 11am on Channel 50.