Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.19.10

----Show opened with Brandon Baxter and Bert Prentice.  Bert was funny calling BB - "Brandy."

----Matt Boyce beat Brian Christopher in a good solid bout.  In the pre-match interview Brian put over the fact that “I don’t even know his name” when referring to Boyce.  But, Boyce beat him??  This just made Brian look bad.

----Su Yung and Kevin White came out for an interview segment to set up something with Max Steel and Luscious Liz.  Yung was real good here and has improved tons on the mic.  Steel looked huge..not in a good way.  Liz wasn’t bad.  They had a short catfight along with some interviews after the segment.

----Tommy Mercer beat Captain America.  Just pretty much a squash with Mercer looking good here.

----Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne [pictured] beat Cody Melton/Stan Lee in the best bout on the show.  Just solid tag team wrestling.  Heat on Wayne with hot tag to Nikels.  Lee took the pin after a Benoit dive from Wayne.  All four guys did a great job here.

----Footage of Jerry Lawler vs Edge aired from the last time the WWE were in  Memphis.  Lawler loses, but ends up pildriving Edge after the match.  Fun segment to get Lawler over.

----Derrick King/Koko Ware angle ended the show with King calling out Koko.  They did a pull-a-part to end it.  It was done real well with DK bumping his ass off for Koko. 


----Audio still needs to be fixed...Ben Roethlisberger doing a promo on Brian C was just hilarious on so many levels…Boyce looked real good…Baxter said Mr. Coffee had “15 lbs of gold in his lap” and that just made me laugh…Bert said something in reference to Boyce, saying “watch who will be walking around my car.” LOL …Steel said something about knowing Kevin White for 15 or 20 years??  WTF??...I have been told Mercer has a developmental with the WWE??...They had different pieces air with WWE guys – the Michael Cole one was pretty funny.  Cole comes off as a legit heel – kinda like Vince McMahon did in his first videos that aired on Memphis Wrestling years ago…Hollywood Jimmy had me cracking up when he said, “I think he ate that bird!” talking about Koko and Frankie…Overall it was a solid show.  It is put together good with each segment being almost a quarter of action.  A lot of sponsors here, which I know makes it easier to produce a show.  They need to improve a bit on production, but I had a fun time watching it.  I was told the show is going to be designed to get the young guys over and it does seem like that. And..let me say…I like ALL THE ANNOUNCERS!!  It has been a long time since I have been able to watch wrestling on TV [except maybe RCW and Brian Thompson] and not just hate the announcing.