Saturday, June 19, 2010

Live Coverage: RCW Forrest City, AR

----This post will be updated as the night goes on.  Join us to see who wins the RCW Title!!

----Rodney Mack came out and did an interview.  He put over the fact that he is in RCW to hurt people.

----"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony beat Kid Nikels

----70 to 80 fans in the building.  DCW wrestlers there also including RRO Female Performer of the Year 2009: Jazz.

----Alan Steele beat Seth Knight to continue his winning streak.

----"The Golden Circle" with Alan Steele - Steele whispers a secret to TGB. [This is all part of the angle where Steele is looking for someone.]

----Technical difficulties prevented me from completing this report last night.  I do not have a clue on who won the title or what happened for rest of the show. We should have a full report sometime this morning.