Friday, June 25, 2010

MACW Gets A New Booker!!

----Ok, so here is a group that has had a fair share of people booking them, walking out on them and low crowds. In February, 2009 with Derrick King as booker this show was packing close to 200 in the building for about a month. Crowds were good and then it all started falling apart. King was replaced as booker, Chris Rocker took over the job, then later in the year became the “owner” and then later in the year left. They went through a name change from DCW to MACW and they recently started booking shows on Saturday nights head to head with NBW. [And, remember, NBW was forced out of the Jukebox Café/Country Nights arena in November, 2008 by building owners Dale and Sandra Walker after a family dispute.] As of two weeks ago, they still are not drawing well – in the 50 range.

----The booker has switched hands almost every month this year. It started with Brian Steele and Tim Edwards, then Edwards/Jon Michael, then Edwards/Steele, then Edwards/Allen Walker. I think I got that straight. LOL Tim Edwards [who is family to the Walkers] then walks out and is gone. Your OWN family is quitting on you!!

----It now brings you to this past Saturday night, as Derrick King with booking help from Jason Reed, Stan Lee and Cody Melton will now run shows on Saturday at the Jukebox Café. Chris O’Neal is also on the roster and helping out. The big question is – will it matter?? Can these guys bring back the crowd?? I know they all would love to get that Dyersburg Entertainment Center crowd back, but have the fans been burned too much in that building?? Or are the fans just tired of the same old guys?? And can they out draw NBW, which is only 5 miles away, with limited or no advertising?? After all the dust has cleared during these battles of bookers and ownership, NBW has remained the only constant thing in the Dyersburg area. Will it continue to be that way??