Friday, June 25, 2010

Memphis Wrestling Ratings 6.19.10 - Week 3!!

----Below are the ratings per quarter along with what aired in those quarters.  Comments and such are by George Wren. His report was more detailed, so I wanted to include it with the ratings.  These guys really have to do something to get the ball rolling for people to watch the product.  These numbers are just sad and are no better than IWA numbers.  They had an average rating of .1 with average audience of 1620 viewers!!  For the record, IWA is airing at either 12:00 Noon or 1:00 PM every Saturday now.  On Direct TV, it is only listed it as Paid Programming and that does not help them!  They aired at 12:00 Noon this past Saturday and scored an overall ZERO. one knew about it and even TIVO is not picking it up, if it is not listed.   Finally, you can't say much for wrestling on Channel 50, when the hour following both wrestling shows featured an infomercial and scored an average of 2024 viewers!! 
By: George Wren
A freeze frame saying the following is a paid presentation for Jerry "The King" Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling
The opening montage aired (which debuted on the second show) which is a real cheesy montage. It sounds like music off the old Psycho movies with Anthony Perkins, and only shows several different clips of a Lawler's matches.
Brandon Baxter & Bert Prentice welcomed everyone to the third edition of Memphis Championship Wrestling. Baxter said the Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament is underway and another match in the tournament will take place today. (NOTE: Boyce over King last week was the first match in the tournament)
Tiffany (from WWE) plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling
Commerical Break:
(1) Matt Boyce v. Brian Christopher (Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament)
Before the match Christopher cut a heel promo saying he will win the tournament. Buddy Wayne & Guy Coffey was at ringside with the Southern Title, and Wayne said this is a tournamet match not for the Southern Title. Christopher said I know what it's for you don't have to tell me.(NOTE: But this is for the Southern Heavyweight Title). During the match Prentice called Brandon "Brandy" and Brandon corrected him saying it's Brandon. Christopher started the match off quickly with a bodyslam to Boyce. But Boyce quickly returned the favor and delivered two bodyslams of his own followed by a dropkick. Christopher then spits on Boyce. Christopher now begins to deliver several right hands to Boyce followed by a neckbreaker. Christopher throws Boyce into the ropes but Boyce goes for a sunset flip but Christopher nails Boyce with a right hand. Christopher goes for a bulldog but Boyce pushes Christopher off. Boyce now goes for the top rope and goes for a crossbody but Christopher moves. Christopher now goes to the top rope and goes for a leg drop but Boyce moves. Boyce goes for the pin and gets the 1,2,3, on Christopher. After the match Christopher cuts another promo all gasping for air, and says he didn't lose that match. Christopher rips on Prentice saying "What are you looking at fat boy?". Christopher says you haven't seen the last of me in this tournament.
WINNER: Matt Boyce
Mean Gene Okerlund plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling
Commerical Break:


Su Yung came out with Kevin White and cut a promo, and called out Luscious Elizabeth (which Max Steele came out with LE). Yung says LE has no talent, and LE comes back and calls Yung a hooker. A typical pull apart by White & Steele.
Backstage Yung & LE cuts a promo on each other (Was no reason since you just did the above)
(2) Tommy Mercer v. Captain America
Was basically a total squash. Captain America came out in red, white, and blue tights, and looked like your typical Saturday morning "job boy". Laura Jenkins sat in on color commentary with BB during the match. Mercer nailed a suplex into a powerbomb and went for the pin, but would always keep raising him up as to say "I am not finished yet". Mercer then delivers a blackhole slam to get the pin.
WINNER: Tommy Mercer
Rowdy Roddy Piper plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling
Commerical Break:
During the break a commerical aired plugging "Nightmare" Ken Wayne's School of Wrestling in West Memphis, Ark. (901) 831-4198 or . As I have stated for the last few weeks in my tv reports I highly recomend anyone wanting to break into the wrestling business to get professionally trained by "Nightmare" Ken Wayne or by 8 time former world heavyweight champion Harley Race ( these two legends have been all around the world and knows their craft, and can train you to where you are successful.


(3) "3-G" Eric Wayne / Kid Nikkels v. Cody Melton/Stan Lee
All four brawled in the ring to start the match off. BB acknowledged that Wayne is the son of "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, and the grandson of Buddy Wayne. Nikkels powerslamed Lee, and Wayne came off the top rope with a headbut for the pin.
Nothing really spectacular to even write about.
WINNER: Wayne /Nikkels
Hornswoggle plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling
Commerical Break:
Lauren Jenkins plugged one of the sponsors Tax Solutions

3rd Quarter - .2 [3239 viewers]

Michael Cole cut a promo stating the people really ask him now do you really write Jerry Lawler's lines on Monday Night Raw? Cole said yes I do. (pointless promo)
Jerry Lawler cut a promo and talked about his match with Edge (March 30, 2010) at the Fed Ex Forum. Highlights aired of the match again (which the whole match was shown last week which is in my tv report from June 12, 2010 so I want go into details of the match) ... This could be a time right now to let someone shine on the show (besides it being just about Jerry Lawler)
Edge cut a promo backstage at the Fed Ex Forum following the match. Edge stated he is coming for Lawler, and he is coming for him when he least expects it.
Commerical Break:
Sheamus cut a promo on Lawler.
"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock comes out with Derrick King. King cuts a promo and says he is the new King, and he is calling out Koko B. Ware, and he is going to start retiring legends. Ware comes out and him and King brawls in the ring for a pull apart. Blaylock goes over and joins BB at the announcers table, and starts screaming in the mic(Keep him off the mic, screaming in the mic and not making any sense isn't doing anything it called trying way to hard to get "heat")
Baxter states the main event is coming up next.
JTG plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling

4th Quarter - .2 [3239 viewers]