Friday, June 18, 2010

Mistake About Past Ratings!!

----The average rating in 2006 of Memphis Wrestling was 4.2 [70,513 viewers], not as I reported late last night.  That stat came from Yearbook 2008 [which was wrong] and was later corrected in Yearbook 2009.  The second quarter [we are in the second quarter of 2010] of 2006 had an average rating of 3.9 [65476 viewers].  Below is what was I wrote in Yearbook 2009 about Memphis Wrestling and ratings.

2009 Memphis Wrestling TV Analysis by Brian Tramel

----In December 2007 I wrote an article that appears in Yearbook 2007 that was titled “Memphis Wrestling Is Over” and then in Yearbook 2008, I asked the question “How Bad Is it?.”  The truth is that the title “Memphis Wrestling” has continued to run the last two years with very little original programming and the show does not feature the famed studio setting.  The show that in 2006 was helping launch the careers of Dustin Starr, Derrick King, Johnny Dotson and Kevin White does not exist anymore and I believe the impact can be seen every weekend when the shows draw so weakly.  Below are the stats for the last four years of ratings with RRO starting in May 2006, I consider these the “RRO Years” of Memphis Wrestling.

4.2 [70,513 viewers] 2006
2.9 [48,623 viewers] 2007
2.3 [39,048 viewers]  2008
.9 [15,114 viewers] 2009

----In a four year span the show has went from drawing more than 70,000 viewers on average to just a little more than 15,000.  A lot of factors can be contributed - mainly the move to Channel 50 with a smaller audience.  Also, as mentioned above, the show featured very little original material.  Last quarter numbers are not even included, because they aired sporadically with political specials and reruns of older shows. It should be noted that the highest rated show of the year was not even a third of what the show was drawing in 2006.

----It will be interesting to see if this new brand of Memphis Wrestling can draw a bigger audience.