Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More on the DCW story...

----This was posted on by T-Bone.  It actually was the same story I was told, so I think this is pretty much on the money.


What started the unexpected possible shutdown of DCW is the owner of the building putting an eviction notice on the doors before anyone got to the building, now this was not a court ordered eviction nor did a police officer post the order which is the legal way to evict someone and of course you have 10 days after that to leave the premises. The owner of the building has said that the company was 2 months behind on their rent. The show went on with about 30+ showing up for the matches, as apart of one of the matches the workers then tore the building up breaking glass in the doors and breaking the doors in the dressing area and in the office and the concession stand as well. They tried to pass this off as part of the show, the County Sheriff was called and 3 Deputies showed up one worker went to jail and what was said is that the Porter's, (Rick Ruby) who is the promoter has not paid the rent for a couple of months, they were trying to get their stuff out of the building this was still going on at 10:30. The group has not been drawing crowds much better than 60 to 70 paid for the past couple of months and not much better in the months before that, there has been no advertising by the group. The whole scene was very bad and does not reflect very well on the group and Wrestling in general. It has been said that Rodney Mack who is DCW is going to run in another building. Mack was not involved in the incident and has the police were questioning people he was said to be standing off to the side minding his own business just wanting to get his ring out of the building.