Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My World....Maxxed Out! by Max Corbin


I’m a little behind with the monthly column, but better late than never, huh? Last month (if you remember that far back) I mentioned that I tipped my hat to those promoters who promote in this area. I will go into that right now. Now before some of you start patting yourself on the back because you have a show, let me tell you what I mean about promoting. So far, I have had 4 shows in the past 3 years that I have promoted. I’m not going to act like I’m the expert or that I’m the stuff or anything like that, but out of those 4, 3 have done incredible well. The one that didn’t do well, was the first one I had, which I did a horrible job of promoting. Not going to point the blame at anyone on that or anything, as it was my fault, but had I not been working so hard to get the promotion I was with at the time to get on board and fix their ring for the show I may have had time.(PS this is not Garry I’m talking about…lol His rings are always there and perfect. Also, one of the best rings in Independent wrestling. This was a local indy company that I was working with.) Never the less, it was my fault. But I learned from failing in that first show and the last 3 have been successful. So, what did I do that made a difference? Well this is what. 1st I hit up every source of media I could. Local radio, tv, and papers. I spent a total of about $300 on advertising on all 3 shows. But I stretched it out in a way that I got the most out of it. If there was a free advertising venue, my show was there. I also had flyers made and papered the school and community with them. I searched every avenue I could that would help me sell tickets. I would have radio trivia about wrestling and give away tickets. My thought there was, if I gave 2 tickets away, that was concession revenue that would come in that I would not have had otherwise. Plus, if it was a family with kids, they’d probably buy 2 more tickets. The 2nd thing I did was GET SPONSORS. Sometimes this was the hardest part of the promoting. 3rd I papered ever school in the county. Kids like wrestling! Don’t believe me, stop by a school sometime (if some of you are allowed within 200 feet of a school….lol) and ask a kid who John Cena or Randy Orton is. They will talk your ear off! Finally I got help and tips from other promoters on things I could do better. Mr. Garry and Kevin are 2 of the best in this area and I could have never done anything without them. Their track records are awesome! All you have to do is look at the cards they put together. The biggest being the show in Henderson this past April. That maybe the biggest card I’ve ever been on attendance wise. They know how to run shows…Period. So, I got as much help as I could get from them. After all that I tried to put together a card people would want to see. I struck a deal with a local radio station that would let me call in and promote the matches. I’d talk matches up for weeks and weeks on the radio to the point where I’d call in and the radio show’s host would plug it for me and ask questions on what new developments there were. All this wasn’t over night either. If you decide on Wednesday that you are going to have a show on Friday…..your going to fail!….and you deserve it. If you’re going to promote a show all this has to be done, if not your just running a show. That is what I mean by promoting. It’s very stressful and believe me that’s why I don’t do it more often. So, if you are promoting this way..my hats off to you.

Smart and stupid stuff on my mind

I did want to mention a few things on my mind this week. I’ll call it the smart and stupid list. First off are the things on my smart list.


Pete Carroll- I know that’s football but how smart does he look after leaving the ship for someone else to go down with. Now when he fails in the NFL he can go right back to USC and take his job back without consequences.

NXT invation- I’ll admit it was a smart move by WWE. But, to be honest, I wasn’t all over it and marking out like other people were that night. Why? I have seen the way WWE treats Invasion angles. I remember getting my hopes up when the Radicals (Saturn, Gurerro, Malenko, and Benoit) came over from WCW. Within 2 weeks they squashed them and then turned them all heel, making their ship jump useless. Later on when WCW was bought they screwed that up too…Then the nWo invasion happened and was killed off immediately. So, as you can see, the Achilles heel of WWE seems to be invasions. Still I just thought they would do something to screw this up….and I’m pretty sure they did…which brings me to the stupid things of the week.


Bryan Danielson released! Yep, WWE released him this week. A lot of people said that the firing was a storyline, but no such luck. They said the reason for the firing was the tie chocking incident with him and the announcer. It wasn’t PG and they said kids may imitate it. Meanwhile, Shamus hits HH in the head with a pipe a few weeks ago and that’s perfectly fine? The reason behind that is, not all kids have access to a steel pipe or the angle involved HHH and this whole thing is a cop out. I’m going with a cop out. If you look back at the tape Danielson looked more like the leader of the group. This wouldn’t be a problem except….Danielson is not tall. Wade Barrett is and that’s who they won’t there in that roll. That’s not taking anything away from Barrett, he’s a good athlete. I just wish they wouldn’t have to go through all this BS for that…It may kill off the angle though, proving my point that WWE can’t do invasion angles.

Finally, I got to mention this. I mean no disrespect to either party involved, but the wrist tape argument from last week was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Anyone remember when people would get heat with each other for comments, or being stiff in the ring, or a bad PO? At least that, although sometimes was stupid in its own right, was just reasons for heat. The only heat I have ever had with tape was the dicks who sell it for $3 or $4 a roll. This situation did make me ask why it’s not allowed. I swear I mean no disrespect either by asking that, but why is it not allowed for? I never take off my wedding ring. It’s just something I don’t do. I tape it up, to keep my opponent safe, but I never take it off. Would that be allowed? Also, Eric mentioned in his article that he had a hand injury once and got scolded for taping that up. Why? You have to be able to protect yourself. If I had a bad knee that required a brace, I’d wear a brace and the same for a hurt hand or ankle. Like I said I’ve never met Mr. Wayne but only have heard good things from him. I grew up with his tag partner’s nephew and spent many nights as a kid watching the nightmares wrestle on video tapes from shows in Memphis and all over the place. Also, his students are always top notch. They all respect the business and always seem to be on time and ready to go. So, the respect is there. But I guess I do have to disagree with the tape thing. Otherwise I think the fact that punches and stuff like that being enforced is a great idea. It’s like when WCW put in the over the top rope DQ rule. It gives the heel another aspect to cheat and be dirty. Either way, it is his show though and he can do what he wants, but this argument between the 2 guys may be the dumbest thing I have heard in the wrestling business….and I once watched a worker try to connect 2 male ends of a seatbelt together…..Well, maybe it wasn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen or heard in the wrestling business…lol