Friday, June 18, 2010

News from Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling Taping - Randy Hales Returns to Wrestling!!

----There are just some random notes from the tapings below, but it looks like the big news coming out of the taping is that Randy Hales has returned to wrestling.  The sources that I talked to said that Hales was involved in helping run the show.  Not sure what his “official” capacity is or will be, but he is involved in the show.  Hales became a favorite of this site when he joined Gene Jackson for three episodes of Cheap Heat Radio scoring over 4000 downloads for his shows in his first interview since 2001. Hales made his return to wrestling in April, 2008 for a two show stint at TLCW in Ripley, TN.  Hales also was involved in the 2008 and 2009 4th in the Forest shows in an angle with Brandon Baxter, which actually started on  the third episode of CHR that he recorded. All three of those shows are linked below and I highly recommend you listen to them!! 

Random Notes

Koko Ware and Derrick King did a segment that had Johnny Dotson/Boss Winters hit the ring to jump Koko. Winters is managing King/Dotson…Lawler worked The Jokester [Colorado Kid doing a Joker gimmick]…Wolfe D-Eric Wayne-Kid Nikels vs Kevin White/Johnny Dotson/Derrick King…Su Yung did a deal where she said did not have a WWE developmental deal yet and it would probably be about 6 months before she reported. Su Yung is baby now after doing an angle where she had a “black” eye from Kevin White punching her.  White also punched her during the tapings…Destiny is in doing a Lady GaGa gimmick…Matt Boyce vs Josephus…Brian Christopher did angle with Brandon Baxter..Hollywood Jimmy, Tommy Mercer and Downtown Bruno were there…A lot better organized this time around…Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels vs Johnny Dotson/Derrick King.

Final Note

----All I can say is “wow!” This has the potential to be one of the best wrestling shows in this area in a long time.  You have guys like Hales, Baxter, King, Wayne, Lawler and Bert Prentice all under one roof!!  They are also featuring some of the best talent in the area along with some of the best wrestling minds.  At least they got me to wanting to watch the show.

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