Sunday, June 20, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 06.12.10

Three hundred fans packed the Valiant Arena for “Return Of The Legends.”

First Match:  The Lethal Leprechauns defeated Loose Cannon via pinfall, when Cannon was distracted by looking for the individual that he had been looking for for weeks.

Second Match:  Hot Rod John Ellison and Outlaw Don Bass defeated Lee Michaels and Chris Stryker after Don Bass knocked Lee Michaels off of the top rope and Hot Rod pinned him.

Third Match:  Sancho Libre defeated Mike Anthony to win the X Division Championship.  Afterwards, Sancho unmasked to show Seth Sabor.  Mike Anthony had the match reversed since Sancho was misrepresented.  Seth proceeded to attack Anthony.  ASWF Commissioner Terrence Ward suspended Seth for one week.

Fourth Match: Plowboy Titan and Freezer Thompson defeated Reggie Montgomery and King Cobra. This Legends match was one of a kind in ASWF History as the Mid-South Legends battled it one more time in the Valiant Arena.

Fifth Match: Rick Burton defeated Christopher Lee. Rick proved tonight that he was the veteran of the squared circle. Showing Lee why he is the best.

Sixth Match: In this return Grudge Match, Johnny Hawk defeated The Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant. Hawk proved that he was Hall of Fame material in this all out brawl.

Seventh Match: Demon X and Wild Bill (CCR) defeated Morgan Williams and X-Kaliber in this tag team match and took home tag team gold. During the match Commissioner Terrence Ward was overlooking the match at ringside and caught Hollywood Jimmy cheating. When the Commissioner turned around to signal for the bell he was struck in the back with the cane. Dutch Mantel, who was in The American Degenerates corner, ran towards Jimmy to prevent another assault. CCR would win shortly after when Demon delivered a power bomb to Morgan Williams and would get the 1,2,3.

Eighth Match: Brian Christopher defeated Austin Lane, Cody Murdoch, and Cason McClain. After a hard fought match with Fatal Four Way rules, It seemed that Austin Lane and Brian Christopher had developed a strategy. But soon after the team work had stopped, Brian Christopher would land a leg drop off the top rope and roll Cody Murdoch up for the win and the ASWF Title.